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Li Keqiang with the United States economic and financial circles, think tanks, media persons on the Sohu news news (News Network): Premier Li Keqiang 20 morning local time in New York at the hotel with the United States economy, finance, media and other people from all walks of life, think tank forum, on the interaction of Sino US relations and economic and trade cooperation of mutual interest. Li Keqiang said that China and the United States respectively as the largest developing country and the developed countries, the two countries maintain and develop stable political relations and close trade relations, not only conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also conducive to peace, development and prosperity of the world. Due to different cultural backgrounds and national conditions, there are some differences between China and the United States is inevitable, but the key is to look at the mainstream and direction of bilateral relations. The establishment of diplomatic relations for decades, despite the groundless talk constantly, but always "rain day more sunny". We welcome the people from all walks of life to promote the continuous development of Sino US relations. Li Keqiang pointed out that China’s opening door will be more open, the door has been opened can not be closed. We will continue to make great efforts to promote government decentralization and other reforms, focusing on the protection of intellectual property rights, for foreign enterprises to invest in China to create a more relaxed convenient business environment. The potential for investment cooperation between China and the United States is huge, I believe that the United States will be more and more enterprises in China’s market. China and the United States are conducting bilateral investment agreements on the basis of the negative list of national treatment before admission, that is, to send a stable signal to China and the u.s.. Looking forward to the United States with China towards the same direction, relax high-tech products export control, to reach a high level and mutually beneficial bilateral investment agreements. Li Keqiang said that the current big data, cloud computing and other emerging industries in China is developing rapidly, in general, is conducive to China’s development and transformation, but also brought some information security issues. China’s big data and cloud computing industry should be both open and safe. In this process, we will gradually explore and communicate with foreign enterprises to find effective ways of cooperation, which is conducive to openness and security. Li Keqiang stressed that globalization is to bring benefits to share and give full play to the comparative advantage of countries, so that people’s lives better. The current anti globalization trend of thought is only a stage in the process of globalization. We need to deal with problems in the process of globalization, but we can’t give. China is a staunch defender of free trade, and we are committed to promoting trade liberalization under the framework of the world trade organization. Believe that global trade liberalization and investment facilitation is the trend of history. Delegates thanks to prime minister Li Keqiang said that the relationship between the United States and China high perspicacity, is one of the most important group of bilateral relations, the two sides have a strong desire to extensive common interests and development. China has made unprecedented achievements in its development. In addition to the development of political relations, the two countries should also strengthen economic and trade cooperation, close cultural exchanges, and make the U.S. – China relationship closer and stronger. The delegates are highly concerned and appreciated the reform initiatives taken by the Chinese government and are willing to actively participate in the process of China’s reform and opening up, further expand cooperation with China, and contribute to the further development of the U.S. – China relationship.相关的主题文章: