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Li Guoying was elected national people’s Congress of Anhui province   Zhou Chunyu, vice governor Zhang Shuguang – local leaders — (Tang Jiayi) in Beijing on 30 September, according to an online news, today morning, the Anhui province twelve session of the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee by secret ballot, Deputy Secretary of the Anhui provincial Party committee, deputy governor, the people’s Government of the province of Anhui Province, acting governor Li Guoying was elected to attend the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress; the meeting decided to appoint Zhou Chunyu Zhang Shuguang, deputy governor of the people’s Government of Anhui province. According to the people’s Bank of local leadership database shows that Zhou Chunyu is currently the Secretary of the Bengbu Municipal Committee, the current Secretary of Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Shuguang. The resume of Zhou Chunyu Zhou spring Zhou Chunyu, male, born in July 1968, Han nationality, Anhui Tianchang, Anhui University History Department of history graduate, college degree, Bachelor of history, provincial Party School postgraduate courses in law graduate, provincial Party school graduate, in the party members. In July 1989 to participate in the work. 1989.07 former Hefei municipal office staff, Fu Keji, zhengkeji Secretary (during the period: 1989.07-1990.04 Hefei chemical factory electrolytic workshop labor training) and 1995.01 deputy director of the general office of Hefei municipal Party committee secretary 1995.02 deputy director of Anhui Provincial Office of the Deputy level 1997.04 Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Office Office of senior secretary of Anhui provincial government 1999.02 senior secretary 2000.01 Anhui Provincial Office of 2000.08 senior secretary of Anhui Provincial Department of Finance Director of economic construction Department of Anhui Provincial Department of finance 2001.04 party members (during the period: 1998.09-2001.08 provincial Party School of law professional class students) and 2003.06 deputy director of the Provincial Department of Finance Department directly under the authority of Party members and party secretary of the 2007.04 Ma’anshan Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the deputy mayor of the municipal government 2008.04 Ma’anshan municipal Party committee, municipal government acting mayor of Ma’anshan municipal Party committee 2008.06 Deputy secretary, deputy secretary, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Bengbu municipal government mayor 2010.11 2010.12 Bengbu municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of municipal government acting mayor of 2011.01 Bengbu Municipal Committee, vice governor of Bengbu municipal Party committee secretary of municipal government mayor 2012.08 2016.09 Anhui Province, Bengbu municipal Party committee secretary ( as of September 2016) Comrade Zhang Shuguang Zhang Shuguang resume Zhang Shuguang, male, Han nationality, Anhui Guoyang people graduated from the Anhui Agriculture University, a postgraduate degree. Born in September 1966, in July 1988 to participate in the work of Communist Party members. Deputy secretary, deputy secretary of the counselor assistant department of animal science, Anhui Agricultural College 1988.07 1991.07 Anhui Agricultural College Youth League 1992.12 Anhui Agriculture University Youth League 1997.01 deputy director of the Fuyang Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Committee of the 1997.04 deputy director of the Fuyang Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Committee, Fuyang City Federation of industry and Commerce of Fuyang City, vice chairman of the 2001.02 Yingquan District)相关的主题文章: