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Foreign media comment on "a woman’s life": the exquisite works of Maupassant Stephen entertainment Sohu – reduction – Brussels new "life" of a woman of the Venice main competition finalists "a woman’s life" creative debut in Venice (the first compilation) Maupassant conference’s first novel "a woman’s life", a called "humble truth". These five words are not only perfectly summed up the literary works style and charm, used to describe the French director Stephen Busse on this work the latest adaptation, is also very appropriate. The film school near the square screen ratio of shoot, and open a door, delicate moving window, observe the heroine of the story — a life in the early nineteenth Century, the inner world of the stream by conservative social attitudes and life imprisonment, unfortunately the Duke’s daughter. There is no doubt that part of the inspiration from Gustave Flaubert’s "lady Bovary" of the "humble", not a comedy. Before the advent of the market last year "legal" works had been shot, Brussels and another writer Florence Vernon began writing the script, originally copious and fluent nearly three hundred pages of original, compressed into less than two hours of film. "A woman’s life" from the heroine Jeanne (Judith – Zerah ornaments) at the age of 20 began, the time span of 27 years, two writers such as Impressionist painters generally write a series of concise and compact plot, such as the mosaic pattern generally together this woman’s life. For example, when a new neighbor, Jeanne and Viscount Julian (Swan – Arrau de diggs) – a young but not so wealthy noble youth — the first meeting, the audience is first seen Duke Julian and Jeanne face stiff to their parents, (Jean Pierre Daru mountain and the Duchess (decoration) Yolanda Monroe) medium shot for the kiss. Then, it is the young man sitting alone on a boat, two people close to each other’s half shot. The next shot is Jeanne looked out of the window, at the same time, we heard her parents questioned the daughter Julian’s intimate relationship with voiceover. The next scene or Bust shot: Julian tries to relate Jeanne plot, let the audience know it should be two people’s wedding night, and could feel her sense of suffocation. These four fragments form a highly integrated, show the director of the queen Shi Anni croze editing exquisite craftsmanship, and photographer Antoine Herbre’s narrative function of precise composition. From the beginning of the cold quickly to introduce each other, met, and then to the marriage of the repeated consideration, the final is Jeanne pastoral life, broken dreams, not long to show full of plot. So are most of the film structure of paragraphs in the whole expression — the relationship between the characters, moral position and repeated and emotional problems — at the same time, and focus on details, to capture the delicate Jeanne character and the heart. Change film with the alternation of seasons and the Duke villa, the expression of the passage of time, Brussels also set up many flashbacks, Jeanne told the audience always recall the past: her late mother, she has break the pale,.相关的主题文章: