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Suspense film "road" boot real Huangtai "ghost" appeared on the big screen – home entertainment film Sohu "Huangtai road" creative photo entertainment Sohu based on a true story of suspense thriller film "Huang Tai Road" was recently held in Qingdao on the news conference, it is reported that the film product for the Qingdao Phoenix television media Limited by Share Ltd, Qingdao Yilin the sea culture media limited?. This conference, the gold producer Zhang Tao and the type of film director Chen Maolin together, starring Hu Ran, Wang Weinian, Jia Xuming, Zhang Kang, Hu Xiaoting, Li Chengfeng, Zhang Yuxin, Dong Li, summer, Li Cuicui attended the free. It is reported that the film "Huang Tai Road" boot conference in Qingdao new West Coast Wanda Oriental cinema Nautilus Exhibition Center, star studded field. Crystal girl have excellent performance in just the next stall in the "trump card" with ACE Hu, with film creative team site explains the concept of creation, the film set of suspense and horror, reasoning and other elements in a story, with the missing girl, blurred Pushuo hazards continue to occur in the haunted house the mapping of human primary afflictions, at the same time, in-depth analysis of the good and evil people. It is worth mentioning that, starred in "brave heart" "soul" ferry drama actress Hu Xiaoting, in a corner of the play "tiger" Qinglian, for this forceful personality, money blind’s role, Hu Xiaoting will be how to interpret, everything can only wait for the movie to know. Director Chen Maolin, producer Zhang Tao speak top production team to create a different Chinese thriller film "Huang Tai Road" director Chen Maolin has a wealth of experience has directed more directed, part gangster films and TV series, the movie thriller finally challenge. For the first time to the movie "the road", there are a number of female Huang Hu, however, this is the first time she challenges the thriller actress. This director said that although this is the first attempt to team creative, but they’re more willing to change and innovation, through the unique narrative form, stunning, and strive to create a different Chinese thriller. The film "Huang Tai Road" not only brings together the top production team, and a strong cast, and abandoned the previous pure thriller scary stereotypes, the horror atmosphere at the same time, pay more attention to the expression of emotion and the story of rigor, believe in a thrilling adventure as the audience audio-visual. The first crystal girl starring Hu Ran Hu ran to join the small Lolita staged a real version of the film featuring the takagisms female one "crystal girl" Hu, however, since his debut with Zhou Runfa, Andy Lau, Nick Cheung, Huang Xiaoming and other super big line co star, actor Huang Xiaoming starred in "ace partner" with ACE female, successfully won the "" harvester "said. In Jing Wong’s "chasing the dragon" in Hu and Andy Lau ran third cooperation, is that "the actor harvester" title, really envy others, gain more media praise but the value of "Hu Yan acting partner of many front-line big but low-key pragmatism". The "road" in Hu Huang partner in the strength of many stars, the film will eventually have to be a lot of fans look forward to exciting show. It is reported that Hu ran in the film as a natural bile.相关的主题文章: