Korean women’s team at the end of apink to do a song before the new year with fans Carnival-rewrite攻略�

Korean women’s team at the end of Apink to do a song before the New Year Carnival fans and Apink concert posters Sina entertainment news South Korean female group Apink in December 17th to 18 at the end of the concert "PINK PARTY:The Secret Invitation in Seoul Changchung hole Changchung gymnasium". On the morning of 11, Apink discloses pink color through the official Facebook concert posters, caused the attention of fans. This is the third solo concert of Apink, the overall design of the concert will also highlight the atmosphere of the new year Party, Apink and fans will enjoy the good time in the concert, leaving precious memories. In addition, Apink concert at the end of the year, PINK Secret Invitation will start from 16 Ticket Fanclub tickets for sale through the Melon, the general pre-sale will start from 18. BNT Plan A (Wang Rongwen news: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: