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Named the Commission notified 72 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems – Politics – in Beijing in September 30, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website "during the mid autumn day in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems in supervision and reporting exposure area" today released the third "weekly bulletin", the discipline inspection organs at all levels investigated in violation of the central eight the provisions of the spirit of giving names bulletin exposure, 72 cases were notified this week. Beijing City, Beijing City reported 3 violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit of union deputy research question 1 Huairou district staff Hu Qingsen violations make arrangements for weddings matters problems. In December 2015, Hu Qingsen is the daughter of a wedding banquet, invite the District Federation of cadres and workers of 37 people attended the 3 banquet tables; in January 23, 2016, once again held a wedding banquet, invite the town of union cadres 11 people attended, 1 banquet tables. Two violations 47 people received gifts totaling 20 thousand and 700 yuan. Hu Qingsen by the party a serious warning. 2 Changping District funeral party branch secretary, curator Sun Yuanbing illegal payment of subsidies. In November 2015, the Museum of illegal use of operating funds, the purchase of 86 down jacket for workers and cooperative unit personnel; in February 2016, the purchase of 154 tickets for the funeral home staff Zhang Wenquan, at the same time to cooperative unit 25 hot ticket package, clothing and other gifts. Two total expenditure of more than 15.63 yuan. Sun Yuanbing by the party a serious warning. 3 Pinggu Dahua Town West long village cadres illegal accept tourism reception problems. In December 2015, the village Party branch secretary and village committee director Liang Zihui, members of the Party branch and village committee member Zhang Shulan, village committee members Liang Zisheng and Xing Wenqing six, received a construction company invitation to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia tourism ten days, all costs borne by the construction company. Liang Zihui, Zhang Shulan, respectively, by the party warning, respectively, by the party, the party, the state of the world, and so on, respectively, by the party warning. (Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection) Tianjin Tianjin bulletin 5 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the 1 Hongqiao District Education Bureau, former deputy party secretary, director Ma Wenjuan, junk money and other issues. Ma Wenjuan to carry out the teacher’s Day celebration on the grounds, from the Bureau of funds spending more than 47.6 yuan, for illegal payment of real reward; as in charge of condolence payments, overtime subsidies, subsidies and other teacher’s name, from the Bureau of funds spending more than 199 yuan, for the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and welfare. At the same time, Ma Wenjuan also has other disciplinary problems. In May 2016, Ma Wenjuan received one year probation, administrative demotion. 2 Beichen District Landscape Committee Party Secretary Liu Chungang office space exceeded the use of the problem. In February 2016, Liu Chungang failed to superiors, to enable archived lounge for personal wash and temporary rest, office space area exceeds the standard 1 times; at the same time, the other team members with real problems do not exceed the standard office to stop. June, Liu Chungang by the party a serious warning. 3 Baodi District Justice Bureau deputy party secretary, director Zhang Baoxin Gongjusiyong problem. After the bus reform, from June 30, 2016 to August 5th, Zhang Baoxin repeatedly violations)相关的主题文章: