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Russian research widebody aircraft first flew in 2020 to challenge Boeing Airbus Sohu news 2, at the Zhuhai air show, the two sides will jointly develop the personnel to visit the model of long-range wide body aircraft. Foreign media said, according to media reports and a company statement, Chinese and Russia will invest up to $20 billion, to develop a long-range wide body aircraft. Beijing is seeking to challenge the leading Western aircraft maker Boeing and Airbus Company. According to Agence France-Presse reported on November 3rd, this ambitious cooperation plan was signed in June this year by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China and the Russian Joint Aviation Manufacturing group. Chinese commercial aircraft company said a will be set up in Shanghai in the Sino Russian joint venture will be the development of a dual channel cabin layout, the basic range of 12 thousand kilometers, a class 280 seat widebody. The aircraft will pose a direct competition with Boeing’s 787 aircraft and Airbus Company A350 aircraft. J L Sari, President of the Russian Federation of aviation manufacturing group, 3, according to the report, said the total investment in the program between 13 billion to $20 billion, the two sides voted half of China and russia. J L Sari told reporters in Zhuhai airshow clearance said: "Chinese commercial aircraft company has excellent design and technology, we will not only in terms of technology, but also in the aspect of intellectual property cooperation." He said the new aircraft is expected to cost less than competitors 10%. According to the Reuters reported on November 2nd, China and Russia 2 shows will be a joint venture company began operations this year aircraft model is a glimpse of R & D joint large aircraft and aviation giant Boeing and Airbus competition grand plans for their. State owned Chinese commercial flying company and the Russian Joint Aviation Manufacturing Group said they have begun to look for suppliers. The two countries at a ceremony at the Zhuhai air show on the first public demonstration of this aircraft model. But neither of the company’s executives disclosed details of financing or technical specifications. Western analysts believe that the ambitious plan is difficult to complete, and the price may be cheap. China commercial aircraft company widebody project leader Guo Bozhi said, a company based in Shanghai, the two sides are shares accounted for 50% of the joint venture will begin operations this year. Reported that the project has been largely confidential, although the two companies have expressed their desire to complete the first test flight in 2022, and in 2025 to achieve product delivery. But industry analysts believe that the west is unlikely to achieve this goal, because the development of wide body aircraft could take decades. Guo Bozhi said in an interview, said: This is a very complex product, which requires a lot of technology, but also a wide range of industry knowledge. At this point, China and Russia have their own advantages." According to the "Russian newspaper" reported on November 3rd, Russia’s future aircraft model unveiled grandly in the eleventh session of the Zhuhai airshow. Man Tu Rolf, head of China’s aviation industry, Russian Minister of industry and trade.相关的主题文章: