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Clouds, a meter of sunshine… Peter Ho’s wedding brain fill these drama: Lu Daheng September 1st, for most of the students party is a nightmare, but for some people, it is a memorial day, such as [micro-blog]. In September 1st, Peter Ho and longtime girlfriend Peggy marry outside! Speaking of Peter Ho, is a childhood male god…… Have you seen the TV series "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon"? Peter Ho in the TV series "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" in Luo Xiaohu, and Jiang Qinqin [micro-blog] as Jen is a pair of quarrelsome lovers. That year was directed at Qiu Xinzhi [micro-blog] to see this drama, the results of the Meng Meng CP. The play had a classic plot, Jen and Luo Xiaohu is a "kiss here watching the drop from the clouds" scene after another kiss that are the clouds! Where is the high for this play? "Wind and cloud" you estimated that most of them have seen, but also a revealing age! Peter Ho in the play the role of Bu Jingyun, with the official Hong Tao plays in. But the "wind and cloud", I love most is Jiang Qinqin as the moon and the second dream after Peter Ho also starred in the "Fengyun 2", but the two actress has replaced Lan Qin and Huang Yi [micro-blog] [micro-blog]. There are also a few TV series is Peter Ho’s masterpiece! Such as the "four famous generals" caught fighting, Peter Ho’s life in the play. For example, "jade goddess of mercy", partner Sun Li [micro-blog], Peter Ho plays the role of Mao Jie. One meter sunshine, partner Sun Li, Peter Ho plays the role of Jin Zhengwu. "Love of Aegean Sea", alongside Cai Lin, who plays Li Yaoxiang. "Midnight Song", "micro-blog" s partner, played by Peter Ho Song Danping. "King Li Shimin", partner Gao Yuanyuan [micro-blog], played by Peter Ho Li Shimin. "The young warriors", Peter Ho in the play partner Liu Shishi [micro-blog], as Yang silang. "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", partner of the United States, played by the role of the president of the United States, such as the "" and "the. Peter Ho still has a lot of good TV drama, you have seen more or less! His singing is also good, the representative is "what would you do without me", "Li flying" theme song. When I was young once to Peter Ho as a future boyfriend standard, a blink of an eye Peter Ho 41, married ~ last night, Sun Li, Yin Xiaotian, Li Dongxue, Tammy Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Dylan Kuo, [micro-blog], Alyssa Chia [micro-blog], Choo Ja Hyun [micro-blog], Yung Hung [micro-blog], Li Qin [micro-blog], Lan Qin, Zhang Meng [micro-blog] and other artists have attended the wedding of Peter Ho yo ~ a meter of sunshine, four were caught fighting generals, Qin Li Shimin, vice…… The feeling is also seen from small to large Peter Ho starred in the TV series are brain fill again ~ finally, I wish Peter happy birthday ~ statement: Sina exclusive articles, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: