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"Avatar" crocodile brain hole wide open Angel delicate Straw Litaiwuqiong – Sohu   entertainment; super adorable little angel incarnate crocodile problem-solving youth science experiment program Sohu entertainment news "ChiaTai? Brain hole wide open" the third phase of the program will be on the night of November 20th 18:00 in the CCTV broadcast. The program by the "refueling! To create the future "the same people, since the launch has been an audience favorite. This program wonderful continue, what is the strength of experimental props upstage, attracted the audience exclaimed again and again? The "do not want long brigade could continue on the counter attack, Yuezhanyueyong? "Guests" who help answer the crocodile mouth mystery with canine armored reptiles – crocodile, fixed impression left is usually devils and it is difficult to close, but this program is to show us the other side of the crocodile, when the crocodiles quietly in the land, always seeing "mouth.JPG", has become a little adorable, it actually contains the scientific principle of how? Host Gao Bo teacher invited two heavyweight guests came to help open the brain hole, the size of the team, the full board Public opinions are divergent., solving two ideas. Do not want a long brigade and curious youth team PK detonated again, the answer is what the crocodile mouth? And how unexpected guests make the atmosphere so tense? Wonderful mysterious blessings of small Straw play mechanics. The ordinary Straw can play what tricks? The program group to the whole network for the answer – – all sorts of strange things can do by hand, can play music, can even help noodles, also turned with a sense of the robot. In this program, a small Straw because of Cambridge’s "structural mechanics" principle of responsibility, the three seat light Straw tower props has become the focus of new Straw – by the same number of structures into three different structure models: beam structure, horizontal spacing structure and beam structure. Which kind of straw structure can bear the most? "Because of this, the principle of mechanics!" The wrong once again become a scientific experiment to the porter, increased overhead. As a key opened the score, "do not want long brigade" and "curious young team" to open the brain hole, betting guess the answer. What is the final tower quite to the end? Straw seemingly delicate how the load-bearing capacity, so that the audience eye-opening? Science is amazing, the answer will soon be announced! Lock 18:00 Sunday night CCTV "ChiaTai? Brain hole wide open", you must not miss the love of science!相关的主题文章: