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Zhou Yangqing and the "length" bestie photo Q: which is your new network – Zhou Yangqing micro-blog. In new network on 29 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, network, red Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo June 2015 love after being dropped out, since the end of his family was generous after being sent to study in the UK, which belongs to she admits that the most talked about shaping. Recently she publicly for her bestie patched birthday photos, sisterhood 3 people sitting together, there are many fans not recognize her, the reason lies in the good sisters 3 people really like it too long! Although Zhou Yangqing is over 28 years old birthday in early 12, but there is still quite a good sister for her birthday to mend. She is 29 am in micro-blog issued, happy day revealed to eat ninth cakes this year, thanks to friends even if the birthday has passed, but still very intimate with her birthday oh. Many fans again offer blessings, there are a lot of people laughed and said "eat some cake by fattening!" In the photo of Zhou Yangqing bestie drying out, she was wearing a white fur coat, handsome, also crossed his hands to make funny expression. The 2 woman sitting beside bestie make loving gestures, obvious good feelings. However, there are some users laughing ridicule, which is you? Silly points not clear, "the same," how exactly the same ah?" A network of alternative hot debate!相关的主题文章: