Chengdu Museum donated nearly 300 pieces of rare animal specimens-若槻ゆうか

The Chengdu museum was donated nearly 300 pieces of rare animal specimens – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Xu Yangyi) the evening of 13, the global health and education foundation and the Chengdu Museum officially signed a donation agreement "" animal specimens. According to the agreement, the global health and Education Foundation founder and chairman of Kenneth · Eugene · Behring to Chengdu Museum donated nearly 300 pieces of rare animal specimens. The mystery of the original African rainforest, savanna wild North American tundra, a world of ice and snow…… These will be in the summer of 2017 in Chengdu, the world rare animal specimens and restore the height of the scene, to show the audience. Previously, Kenneth · Eugene Behring · have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Chongqing, Shandong and other places of the museum donated thousands of rare animal specimens. Museum education is an integral part of the education of young people, but not all Chinese children can see from North Africa, the Arctic, South America and other regions of the animals." Kenneth · Eugene · Behring hope that these specimens can spread from the nature of education to teenagers China". And these donated to the Chengdu Museum of animal specimens covering five continents of the world, many kinds of animals, including elephants, lions, etc.. "Not only are there large animals, but there are many small animals that are well made." Kenneth · Eugene · Behring said in an interview with reporters, he hopes to come to visit the Chengdu youth who learned from nature is a little bit die, "each of us should protect it." Previously, Kenneth · Eugene · Behring has repeatedly visited Chengdu. In his view, Chengdu is a very dynamic, visionary city. So I would like to be able to interact with the young people here, they will be the future direction of the city." Kenneth · Eugene · Behring said, due to the limited space, and can not fully show he initially wanted to donate stuffed animal, "I really hope that Chengdu can build a museum of natural history, which is also a city as a cultural center can not be missing parts." Kenneth · Eugene · Behring stressed that "I many countries donated animal specimens, also hope to see more museums in Chinese; and hope that these samples show could make people more beautiful, let the animal survive". As the global health and Education Foundation founder and chairman, Kenneth · Eugene Behring · last century in 90s three list of "fortune Forbes" the richest man in the world top 400. 2004 ranks among the top 50 philanthropists in the United states. In 2013, he was awarded the "National Friendship Award", which is the Chinese government awarded the highest level of foreign experts to work in china. That night, the global health and Education Foundation donated to the Sichuan Museum Society相关的主题文章: