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"Farewell" perfect ending Hai Qing "mother" – popular entertainment Sohu "small farewell" Hai Qing (Huang Lei) Wen Jie stills radius (Hai Qing ornaments) show loving Hai Qing stills "farewell" entertainment Sohu directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Hai Qing, starring Zifeng Zhhang, TFboys starred in the big emotional drama "small urban families farewell" ended in Beijing, Zhejiang satellite tv. The television ratings soared top, causing the majority of users to discuss the problem of younger students. Hai Qing created the urban white-collar and graduating senior high school entrance examination students parents dual role, is its exquisite performance, fully restored the North Canton middle-class anxiety, let the audience for the show overwhelmed with admiration for down to earth. Hai Qing’s "mother" are actually sensitive appearance, "the three class of small separation" is about the very typical, especially for the big city of the middle class description deep and powerful. As an audience, Hai Qing’s children along with happiness is no doubt, she is a senior white-collar workers, the company’s sales of Montana, and her husband have a decent job, daughter is reading in a good school. However, most of the time she shows the anxiety and sensitivity is breaking the original quiet life. Representative Hai Qing Tong Wenjie as the evaluation of many people is the real mother, because she always tells his chatter without stop reason, for the performance score for strict, harsh. All of this comes from a sense of insecurity, a sense of urgency in a big city. When Hai Qing played the role of a lot of details, true to the staggering, such as in the living room when suddenly leaning back glanced at her daughter, for example when trying to suppress their emotions madly swallowed drugs. This kind of environment sensitivity as well as the most incisive anxiety and unable to control their emotions in the critically ill patients are that the role of anxiety reflected. From this she could feel the social complex, she could detect the fierce competition, so she will not panic, this is her identity and status of the original sin. Under the shell or a mother’s heart although there are such external factors, such as social status, such as life experience. But Hai Qing still caught the most important point, that is, the mother’s love. This love from the mother, so that everything seems to have the best behavior of the explanation. Especially in the blossoming away from home, and return to the home of the set. Playing the role of the father warm gave the most severe criticism, and then go to see Hai Qing’s mother, early in the next to tears, even if it is difficult to say it has been so hard to persuade Huang Lei not to say children. In the end of the episode, Hai Qing blossoming thoughts gradually deep, that no reason, heart crying helpless and abandoned in Hai Qing regardless of the image is presented. Hai Qing’s mother role, but also in the inside of the mold is filled with a very full.相关的主题文章: