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Zhejiang TV show "great tribute to the long march blood crusade" – "I am the entertainment Sohu" hit zhewei Long March 80 anniversary tribute Sohu entertainment news to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, Zhejiang satellite TV will launch a special theme of the Long March, blood shows "great crusade"! As the mainstream media of Zhejiang satellite TV to shoulder the responsibility of the big station, carried out a series of special programming, the red combination of boxing, to achieve news, humanities, arts, television four plate linkage. In addition to the introduction of the recent hit drama "my" Red Army, including the "rebirth", "Long March", "The Belt and Road" and other large-scale documentary, more "Long March songs — Zhejiang province to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march" and "theme party forces — 2016 October sun belief in commemoration of the 80 children of Zhejiang anniversary of the victory of the long march live" blessing, played together in October red ode. "I am" from the Red Army started the Zhejiang TV play tribute tribute gun combined Zhejiang TV special broadcast in prime time drama red arrangement, its remarkable Taiwan Taiwan strength and responsibility. As the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march to commemorate the focus of the TV drama, the most distinctive red drama, I am the Red Army in October 21st 19:30 from the China blue theater broadcast, and hot friends. This does not take the unusual way of little red drama shows the history of struggle, in the long march of the Red Army soldiers — countless unknown hero growing bit for the audience. The play has a romantic story of romance and war fighting, all rely on a value of acting. The strength of both actors, red means noble faith strong transfer, and "teams" Long March ", comedy elements make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks" into more let this little story about the long march in perspective "I am the Red Army", is unique. Many documentaries free culture plate full attention long road, Zhejiang satellite TV from October 10 to 20, after another broadcast feature documentary "rebirth", "Long March". Among them, 10 days to 14 days, 5 days of continuous play a large red documentary "rebirth", this is the first and only a reproduction of the founding of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China in 1949 1921 China to set up 28 years of struggle of the documentary. The film from the "mission" to "fire" and "choice" and "quenching" and "create" five aspects of history, from the red boat Nanhu to "81" shot from Jinggangshan horn to March ZhuangGe, from the Anti Japanese War to the founding of the Republic, multidimensional comprehensive record, let the "rebirth" of this special subject piece reproduces the difficult course of true to life China Communist Party in place by virtue of faith and spirit reborn. On October 17th to 20 21:20 per night for 4 consecutive days of broadcast primetime episode 50 minutes feature documentary "Long March", the magnificent feat in reducing revolution. The panoramic reproduction and international perspective about the witness, dictation, data interpretation of quantitative methods, to fully mobilize all means of art, Pisa Kim, to show the true details, showing the communist belief, iron iron iron iron discipline, belief, general play spirit and style. Zhejiang!相关的主题文章: