The typhoon hippocampus and caused 1 million 720 thousand people affected by the loss of 37 m-巴雷特m82a1

The typhoon "hippocampus" and caused 1 million 720 thousand people affected by   the loss of 37 million yuan – Society – Beijing 23 October Xinhua news website of the Ministry of water conservancy, the twenty-second typhoon this year "in the" 12:40 on October 21st landing in Guangdong Shanwei Haifeng Houmen coastal town, landing in the heart of the largest wind 14 (42 m / sec). After the rapid decline in intensity, 21, when entering the territory of Jiangxi and weakened into a tropical depression, 22, 5, stop number. By the "hippocampus" influence, 20 days 8 to 22, 14, Eastern Guangdong, southern Fujian, southern Jiangxi, Shanghai, southern Jiangsu, southern Anhui, northern Zhejiang, Eastern and northwestern Hunan drop heavy rain, which Ganzhou, Fujian and Jiangxi in eastern Guangdong, Longyan Zhangzhou, Jiangsu Nantong in Shanghai, local heavy rain falling, the maximum point rainfall in Guangdong lake, Jiangxi Shanwei wheat 347 mm 219 mm, Fujian Ganzhou Danxi Longyan Fort 207 mm. Affected by heavy rainfall, Guangdong, Meijiang, Fujian and a tributary of the Qin River tributary Dingjiang small Lan Xi etc. over 3 rivers in flood warning, warning range of 0.72 to 2.24 meters; the level of Taihu 22 days 14 slowly rose to 3.76 meters, 0.04 meters lower than the warning level, there are 18 police station around the river over 0.02 ~ 0.58 meters. Relevant provinces and municipalities to seriously implement the central leading comrades on disaster prevention and mitigation and typhoon defense instructions important instructions, in accordance with the national defense of the deployment of the president, to carry out the typhoon hippocampus defense. Hu Chunhua, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Committee held a teleconference held in the province, the deployment of typhoon hippocampus defense. Fujian provincial Party committee secretary Quan, Jiangxi governor Liu Qi made instructions. In view of the typhoon "hippocampus" three refers to the highest respectively started typhoon flood grade II, III and IV level emergency response organization, affected by the waters of 47 thousand fishing boats back to harbor, evacuated danger zone masses 747 thousand people, effectively avoid casualties. Heavy rainfall in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities to also respectively according to the storm triggered deployment. The Pearl River, the Yangtze River flood control headquarters, Taihu headquarters is closely monitoring the changes of typhoon and rain water development, sent a working group to the relevant provinces and cities to strengthen inspection and guidance, the backbone project scheduling Watershed Science, the highest respectively started typhoon flood grade II, III and IV level emergency response. Affected by the typhoon hippocampus, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, 3 parts of the affected areas. As of October 22nd 14, Guangdong city 7 382 counties (city, district) 1 million 699 thousand and 100 people affected, the transfer of 668 thousand people, 456 houses collapsed, 178 thousand and 40 hectares of crops affected area, the direct economic loss of 3 billion 511 million yuan; 9 Fujian city 3 county (city and district) 30 thousand and 500 people affected, the transfer of 72 thousand and 600 people, 25 houses collapsed. 27 thousand and 760 hectares of crops affected, damaged dikes 30 2.34 kilometers, the direct economic loss of 236 million yuan; Jiangxi part of the Township Road water, temporary traffic interruption etc.. No casualties were reported in the relevant provinces and cities, the details of the disaster is still further statistics. (commissioning editor Wang Jiquan and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: