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The European Guanwu large group of death that Guardiola vs Bayern group which most expect all 32 released sina sports news this morning, the Champions League playoff all over, 32 of the final, the new season in the Champions League draw will be held tomorrow at 0 time in Beijing. The opening Champions League season, you want to see what kind of duel with the story, tomorrow morning will produce what kind of group of death? To review the Champions League draw rule: 32 teams are divided into 4 tranches, the first tranche of 7 champions Real Madrid and UEFA Champions. The other three according to European integration in the past 5 seasons in sequence; the other teams are not with any team’s League in the same group; from Ukraine and from the Russian Premier League team can not be the same in a group. Compared to last year, second team debased? Compared to last year, this year is the second difference between Real Madrid and Manchester United and Valencia in Dortmund, Naples and Seville, the list seems to be better than last year’s luxury. But the decision group is often fighting strength tranche of the team, and in the second, Manchester City A Senna, Atletico, Dortmund are not to lose a competitive team, believe in the group phase will be born many aspect of the strong dialogue. Bayern, Manchester City, Monaco Bayern, Lyon Eindhoven Celtic if in the group phase stage and Manchester City meet, it will be more concern than the qualifying situation. On this year’s sub point of view, the two teams met any of the teams will not have any impact on the top of the line of the three or four, Guardiola and the old club is the biggest confrontation. When facing an Bayern melon type Manchester on mid season, Guardiola left Bayern to coach Manchester is That’s final. thing. The UEFA Champions League Atletico eliminated, and a voice questioned Guardiola in Bayern career whether it is successful, but Bayern fans when Guardiola farewell come up with enough respect, most people are very grateful for the contributions of Bayern guardiola. Came to the Premiership, Guardiola’s Manchester City in the first two rounds after coach Mourinho beat Manchester United in the standings in the first. Bayern is also invited to marshal Ancelotti, the new Bayern overturn Guardiola logic will impact what kind of game scene and the plot is worth looking forward to in the old met when. We may see the past few years, Bayern’s often overwhelming ball back to fight back, the ball into the side of the city. While the results of the competition will be with the "Guardiola Bayern success" this topic has become the focus of hot fans together. Real Madrid, Dortmund, Monaco, Tottenham in third, Tottenham is the strongest team in Monaco, regardless of experience or fame is better than the other four grade team better than others in recent years. If the formation of such a group, who will qualify for the rest of the game itself, I believe it will be very exciting. Lavon with Real Madrid four teams are quick direct attack, passing between the battle scenes are very nice. Last season’s European Cup final against Tottenham 18 meeting)相关的主题文章: