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Local players into the China International weakness of state of decline played Syria [report] how China 1-1 Lifan end of the 3 game losing streak Kardec broke bison Tencent in September 23rd a savior Sports 1 to 1 draw, let Hebei Huaxia happiness swallowed six rounds extremely bitter. The good news is, they finally get rid of the precarious losing dilemma; but the bad news is that their position in the distance AFC Champions League qualification dream has been more and more far. In the round of the first four cases, Huaxia happiness is still 6 points from the league, from afar, Pellegrini would have been found in a gold rush is not heaven, only good. At the beginning of the season, Huaxia happiness was attracted wide attention of the new generation of giants ", at that time, the team is optimistic about the outside world, not only because they have such a super Ravitch and gervinho foreign aid, but because they’re in the local players regardless of the cost of investment. Jiang Ning and Haifeng Ding’s fee has exceeded 50 million yuan mark, and Huaxia happiness in the Golden Ocean on a green hand, is out of the staggering price; even when the super Hengda Dong Xuesheng, Huaxia happiness in him are willing to spend nearly 30 million. Indeed, such a high investment in Chinese happiness, in the early stages of the harvest has been a huge return. However, when the Chinese happiness into low tide, we are surprised to find that these one toting high Neiyuan, actually all together with the team. Gervinho could not play as a domestic leader, front Jiang Ning, the team had been high hopes. However, at least in terms of the state of the game, more than thirty of ginger has shown some worrying trends. According to the tactical arrangement of Pellegrini, he had hoped to act as a go-between Jiang Ning role in front, but in the face of the overall defensive Lifan, Jiang Ning even an appearance very little chance, then even the way back from the Kakuta and Alois Theo line isolated. In fact, since the national team played two friendly matches in June, Jiang Ning appeared in the fantastic state of decline; this time he once again of the full list of the top 12, but now I’m afraid he is still difficult to be entrusted with the task of starting Gao Hongbo — even if no one trusts Jiang Ning more than Gao Hongbo. Jiang Ning in the performance of the game and the situation is similar to the situation of ginger, as well as the field of China’s well-being of the first round of the central defender of the Dewey. Perhaps it is because Chinese happiness is too poor, the two wings of the defense and the partner mbia upstage Dewey did not come up with many impressive performance, and the speed of the huge short board, so he often become the object to be a breakthrough. Such a state, people can not help but for the country in the 12 game in the defense of the sweat. Although Dewey entered the national football list is more like an "accident", but there is no guarantee that Gao Hongbo will enable Dewey Zheng Zhi to abandon in featuring the main case; although Lenovo to join a successful Chinese happiness but still no renhang, Zhang Linpeng and the sluggish state of play, if the country foot guards are in this state, Gao Hongbo do I have a lot of work. A few players worrying situation, and was once known as "the first super mic Dong Xuesheng, now happiness in China)相关的主题文章: