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With the middle price of RMB devaluation is expected to close up the differentiation of sentiment is concentrated U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Huitong warrants network February 18th hearing – the dollar on Thursday with the middle price edged up. Traders said that the transaction is relatively quiet, no big market, the RMB exchange rate is pegged to a basket of currencies, the RMB devaluation pressure than before significantly eased, the short-term trend or a basket of currencies, but the market needs time to understand, darker mood. Traders also pointed out that the devaluation of the renminbi is expected to have a certain differentiation, but the appreciation of RMB is no power, unless the international dollar depreciate, or the central bank to intervene; offshore RMB will go up, and the onshore exchange rate was upside down. However, the inflation data published in Japan have little impact on the foreign exchange market. A foreign trader said, now feel the RMB will follow the middle price go, not with the market, like back in 2014. If the central bank does not intervene, it is impossible to appreciate, we do not have any interest to do, but also do not know how to explain the direction of fluctuations with customers. A stock line trader said that the adjustment of the central price is very clear, now staring at a basket, the previous day, the ruble rose. Now everyone is watching, you can understand this, but aunt may not understand. Traders pointed out that the concern is that the central bank recently price volatility significantly expanded than before, after the international dollar showed weak trend, as well as the offshore RMB strong background, the RMB devaluation pressure spot market has obvious relief, the central bank to control the market scale has been enlarged. Considering the current off the disc is still in the purchase of foreign based, short-term RMB exchange rate is still weaker pressure, but the central bank intervention is still expected, the market trend is not clear. Deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center Wang Yiming said Thursday, as long as the fundamentals China economy does not change, the RMB exchange rate will remain stable in the medium term trend. If China’s structural adjustment is positive, the RMB exchange rate will go up. Affected by the cold weather to promote fresh fruit prices and the impact of the Spring Festival, the consumer price index in January China residents (CPI) rose rose to five month high. The same factors may promote the February CPI continued to rise, but the impact of short-term fluctuations of this year is limited, the expected annual CPI modest rebound, but still in the controllable range. Global currencies, the Canadian dollar Thursday at near two week highs, oil prices jumped sharply boost; at the same time, because of the Fed’s January meeting did not provide new clues, $sideways. China exchange trading center today updated 16 point U.S. dollar exchange rate of RMB 6.5172. Since August 24th, the foreign exchange trading centre has issued a reference rate at 10, 11, 14, 15, five and 16 times a day. Editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

人民币随中间价收升 贬值预期分化观望情绪浓 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   汇通网2月18日讯 ― 周四人民币兑美元即期随中间价微涨。交易员称,交易相对淡静,没有大行情,人民币汇价主要盯住一篮子货币,人民币贬值压力较节前明显缓解,短期趋势还是对一篮子货币稳定,但市场需要时间理解,观望情绪较浓。   交易员还指出,人民币贬值预期已出现一定分化,但人民币并无升值动力,除非国际美元走贬,或央行大力干预;离岸人民币亦走升,与在岸汇价一度倒挂。而日内公布的通胀数据则对汇市影响不大。   一外资行交易员称,现在感觉人民币就跟着中间价走了,不是跟市场走了,像回到了2014年。如果央行不干预是不可能升值的,大家没什么兴趣做,也不知道怎么跟客户解释波动方向。   一股份行交易员表示,中间价的调整很清楚,现在盯的是一篮子,前一交易日卢布涨了。现在大家都在观望,大家能理解这点,但大妈们不一定能理解。   交易员指出,值得关注的是,最近央行中间价波动幅度明显较节前有所扩大,显示节后国际美元偏弱走势,以及离岸人民币走强背景下,即期人民币市场的贬值压力已明显舒缓,央行调控市场的尺度也有所放大。   考虑到目前客盘仍是购汇为主,短期人民币汇率仍有走弱的压力,但央行干预预期仍在,市场走向尚不明朗。   国务院发展研究中心副主任王一鸣周四表示,只要中国经济基本面不发生变化,人民币汇率从中期看会保持稳定趋势。如果中国结构调整进展积极,人民币汇率还会往上走。   受寒潮天气推动鲜菜鲜果价格上涨及春节因素影响,中国1月居民消费价格指数(CPI)同比涨幅上升至五个月高点。同样的因素可能推动2月CPI继续回升,但这种短期波动对全年影响有限,预计全年CPI温和回升、但仍在可控范围内。   全球汇市方面,加元周四守在两周高位附近,受到油价跳涨的大幅提振;与此同时,由于美联储1月会议记录并未提供新线索,美元横向盘整。   中国外汇交易中心今日更新的16点美元兑人民币参考汇率为6.5172。外汇交易中心自8月24日开始,每天五次,分别为10点、11点、14点、15点和16点时发布一个参考汇率。 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: