Guangdong Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce 31 types of electric bicycles are not qualified-步步高i606

Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau: 31 electric bicycle unqualified yesterday, Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced the inspection report in the circulation of electric bicycle product quality checks. Provincial Industrial and commercial departments in Shantou, Foshan, Huizhou, Shanwei, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang and Zhaoqing 8 cities, a total sample of 60 distribution units of 129 electric bicycle products. The test for the electric bicycle overall supervision failure of a total of 31, sampling found unqualified rate was 24%, the other 98 electric bicycle goods are not found to be unqualified. Problem 1: the highest speed electric bicycle as a non motor vehicle, its speed is a key indicator. The speed is too fast will cause the front braking force increase, easily lead to dangerous brake failure, sideslip and the front. The sampling has 31 kinds of electric bicycles, the highest speed is not qualified, the maximum speed is more than 20km h, unqualified inspection project discovery rate is 24%. Question two: the quality of whole car in some urban and rural areas, a large number of consumers will use electric bicycles to carry people, carrying things. Part of the production enterprises in order to meet consumer demand, ignoring the relevant provisions of standards and local regulations, the production of heavy money, luxury and other models of overweight. The sampling of 75 electric bicycle appeared vehicle mass (weight) is not qualified, the vehicle mass (weight) more than 40kg, the unqualified inspection items found was 58.1%. Question three: the braking performance of the checks found that 2 electric bicycle brake performance is not qualified, the braking distance exceeds the allowable range of standard, unqualified project was found in 1.6%. Question four: pedal clearance the checks found that 28 electric bicycle pedal clearance failed, 26 of which were no pedal, the other 2 groups are the unqualified items and the ground was found in 21.7%. According to the sampling situation, Guangdong industrial and Commercial Bureau reminded consumers, when buying vehicles, we must first look at the brand inspection device. Secondly, should choose high speed, vehicle weight is too large vehicles, simple models, models and other styles to be with a lithium portable pedal riding style, the purchase of electric bicycle in the vertical direction can be tilted 25 degrees, at the foot is in contact with the ground.

广东省工商局:31款电动自行车不合格   昨日,广东省工商局公布了省内流通领域电动自行车商品质量抽查检验报告。省工商部门在汕头、佛山、惠州、汕尾、中山、江门、阳江和肇庆8个地级市共抽取了60家经销单位的129款电动自行车商品。经检验判定为监督总体不合格的电动自行车共有31款,抽检发现不合格率为24.0%,其他98款电动自行车商品未发现不合格。   问题一:最高车速   电动自行车作为非机动车,其速度是一项关键指标。车速过快会引起前制动力增加,容易导致制动失效、侧滑和前翻的危险。本次抽检有31款电动自行车出现最高车速不合格,最高车速超过20km h,不合格检验项目发现率为24.0%。   问题二:整车质量   在一些城乡结合区域,大量消费者将电动自行车用来载人、载物。部分生产企业为了迎合消费者的需求,忽视标准和地方法规的相关规定,生产载重款、豪华款等超标车型。本次抽检有75款电动自行车出现了整车质量(重量)不合格,整车质量(重量)超过40kg,不合格检验项目发现率为58.1%。   问题三:制动性能   本次抽查发现2款电动自行车制动性能不合格,制动距离超出标准允许范围,不合格检验项目发现率为1.6%。   问题四:脚蹬间隙   本次抽查发现28款电动自行车脚蹬间隙不合格,其中26组无脚蹬,另外2组产品脚蹬触地,该不合格项目发现率为21.7%。   根据此次抽检的情况,广东省工商局提醒消费者,购买车辆时,首先要看品牌查装置。其次,不应选择车速过高、车身重量过大的车辆,款式上应选择简易款、锂电款等带有脚踏骑行功能的轻便款式,选购时可将电动自行车在垂直方向倾斜25度,看脚踏是否与地面接触。相关的主题文章: