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Privatization elong settled buyers union jointly owned art dragon mother company elong privatization offer settled buyers union together with art dragon mother company JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) the evening of February 4th, eLong announced that they had holdings limited and Chinese elong (parent company) signed a definitive merger agreement and Chinese elong merger the subsidiary companies and plan, so far, eLong privatization offer settled. According to the agreement, eLong’s current shareholders, including C-Travel, TCH, OceanImagination, Seagull and some art management group buyers group, will be $9 per ordinary shares or $18 per share of U.S. depositary shares to acquire its not yet held eLong shares. The price was 24% higher than elong’s closing price in July 31st. After the completion of the transaction, the buyer group will jointly hold art dragon mother company. In August last year, eLong received wide attention due to the Tencent’s offer of non binding privatization. However, eLong announcement shows that the final participation in the privatization of the offer is no longer a Tencent company. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

艺龙私有化尘埃落定 买家联盟共同拥有艺龙母公司   艺龙私有化要约尘埃落定   买家联盟共同拥有艺龙母公司   京华时报讯(记者郝少颖)2月4日晚,艺龙发布公告称已与中国艺龙控股有限公司(母公司)和中国艺龙合并子公司签署最终的合并协议与计划,至此,艺龙的私有化要约尘埃落定。   根据协议,艺龙公司现股东包括C-Travel、TCH、OceanImagination、Seagull和部分艺龙管理层组成的买方集团,将以每普通股9美元或每股美国存托股18美元的现金收购其尚未持有的艺龙发行股。该价格较艺龙去年7月31日收盘价溢价24%。交易完成后,买方集团将共同持有艺龙母公司。   去年8月,艺龙因收到腾讯的非约束性私有化要约而广受关注。不过,艺龙的公告显示,最终参与私有化要约的企业不再是腾讯一家。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: