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Medicine Treating spinal discs at Brookefied Hospital: If you are looking for health checkup Bangalore city, then you will visit some of the renowned hospitals near marathahalli. There are various super speciality hospital Bangalore as well as diabetes specialty care Bangalore. Brookefield is a renowned unit of Sanjeevini Health Care. This health checkup centre in Banglore city is located between the plethora of hospitals near marathahalli. It is a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital and boosts state-of-the-art equipment. It has world class infrastructure as well as highly qualified doctors. In addition to this, Brookefied Hospital is one of the premier health care centres in the city, which provides high quality health care services at minimum costs. The hospital caters mostly to the clientele from the surrounding areas as well as IT field. We all know that our spinal cord is made of various bones, which are known as vertebrae. These bones are almost circular and located in between is a disc. Also, if any of this disc moves from the assigned place or shifts, then it can cause aslipped or ruptured disc. As a result you every day work would be hampered. Moreover, you will be bed ridden till you are treated properly. In addition to this, a prolapse disc is one of the spinal discs wherein contents are jelly like. Moreover, they get bulged or escape from their normal boundaries. This causes the disc to intrude on the nearby ligaments or/and nerves. This causes inflammation and pain due to the pressure created on these structures. Also, prolapse disc doesnt not happen only because of poor body mechanics or bad posture, but also because of injuries occurred during games. All those who are involved in twisting, jumping or extreme flexibility such as gymnastics are more prone to such .plications. Most of the times undertaking non-invasive treatments is highly re.mended. It helps in treating the prolapse disc and takes extra care of the back bone to limit its wear and tear, which normally occurs with passing time. In some of the cases disc replacement surgery is also done. The doctors suggest surgery, only when symptoms persist for more than six weeks. If you are looking for proper treatment of spinal discs at minimal costs you should get in touch with the Brookefied Hospital. Services offered by Brookefied Hospital: Brookefied Hospital is one of the renowned health care centres in Banglore. This multi-specialty hospital whitefield provides high-quality health care services at some of the best costs across the country. The hospital offers cardiothoracic & vascular surgery services. This multi speciality hospital performs some of the most successful surgeries in Bangalore. Cardiothoracic surgery is a surgical treatment of diseases, which affects organs inside the human chest. It is generally the treatment of heart disease and lung disease. The cardiac surgery involves the heart vessels as well as the lungs. The Brookefied Hospital .bines the resources and expertise of highly qualifies and acclaimed surgeons and professionals to optimize Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery. They use latest technology and are on par with the global standards. The hospital specialises in some of the modern modalities of treatment as well as aim to deliver cost effective, excellent and evidence based patient care. The main aim of the hospital is reducing the shocking toll of cardiovascular diseases by using various innovative programs in health and patient care. The doctors, technicians, nurses and heart experts in the hospital bring the promise of unmatched excellence in health and patient care, research and education. This multi speciality hospital uses some of the latest technology as well as treatment options available in the country. It is mainly focused on the patients and aims at serve the patients with excellent advancements. The cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the hospital staff supported are supported by a high-qualified team of anaesthetists as well as critical care experts. They boost highly experience post-operative professionals, which include nursing staff as well as other paramedics. They work together as a single team and strive hard to make Brookefield Heart Care one of the most successful medical centres across the world. Some of the hospital specialists have published variouis clinical papers in cardio-thoracic surgery and cardiology at a national and international level. The hospital offers different types of surgeries in Bangalore. Some of the important ones arewomen and child birth, diabetes care, joint replacement and trauma, gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery, neurology & neurosurgery, cancer care facility, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. In addition to this, some of the services that are available round the clock at the hospital are diagnostics, laboratory & scanning, emergency & trauma care, dialysis, well stocked pharmacy, ambulance service, dental surgery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: