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Mobile-Cell-Phone The Blackberry 9000 Bold is described as one of the foremost model of the Blackberry Smart phone. In retrospect, it seems quite true as it encapsulates some of the most advanced features in terms of connectivity, usability and media. The phone, unlike many other Blackberry models, is not just professional but provides great entertainment too. This phone is smart, elegant and can be very effective for today’s trendy youth and professionals. It has rounded colors that enhance its looks and appeal. The phone has all the excellent features that you would expect from the blackberry series. The full QWERTY keypad is a traditional Blackberry feature while the track-ball navigation is definitely a great navigation option. The display screen is .fortably large at 2.6 inches supporting 65K colors. This handset .es with a very light weight at just one hundred & twenty grams and incorporate very sleek dimensions of 10.9cm tall, 6cm wide & 1.4cm deep thus carrying this handset will not be an issue for the users. The Bold also features the best camera in a BlackBerry to date, a 2-megapixel shooter matched with an LED photo light. There is also a great media player for entertainment. The widget .es with two hundred & fifty six megabytes of ROM and one gigabyte of built in memory. Its memory can further be increased up to sixteen gigabytes in size by using a memory card support. The fully charged battery of the gadget offers an impressive talk time of five hours and a stand by time of five hundred hours. You can send SMS fast and the MMS messages on this slim Smart phone. The phone has lithium ion battery which makes the battery last longer than the traditional battery cells. This high speed network is very essential for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smart phone 624-MHZ processor. It makes it possible for you to multitask and to organize your needs and priorities well. For instance, you can easily prioritize your access to the voice and the data services. The widget arrives with a high end media player supporting famous formats like MP3, WMA & AAC+ etc. It incorporates both MP3 as well as Polyphonic Ring tones thus allowing the users to choose any ring tone as per their wishes. You also have the option of connecting via GPRS and EDGE too. The phone’s built-in browser give you full access to your favorite websites while the email and Instant Messaging client keep you in touch with your friends, family and social networks. Document viewing capabilities are also supported by this mobile phone. Thus, the purchasers can easily view documents in well known formats like PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft word & PDF format. Inspite of its diverse features, Blackberry Bold 9000 is available only on a few networks which is the primary obstacle for the users. Fortunately there are many websites who offer you the unlock code for your blackberry bold 9000 within few minutes. So if you are planning to buy the unlock code then you must know the benefits of unlocking. The most important benefit of unlocking BlackBerry Bold 9000 is that it"s permit you to change the network provider as often as you want. So now you can switch to any network provider who offers you the best deals of SMS and calls at any point of time. Now getting an unlock code for your blackberry bold is not a big deal anymore. So with the help of internet you can easily get the unlock code for your blackberry bold 9000 to increase its resell value. Also traveling might be an important part of your daily routine, so at this point of time unlocking be.es necessary so that you can switch to any .work across the globe. Now you can buy local SIM cards which actually save a lot by curtailing your roaming charges. So, if you are a proud owner of Blackberry Bold 9000 then you must consider unlocking it to enjoy its benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: