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UnCategorized Healing is an emotional detox… – Marianne Williamson Are you ready to release and let go of what no longer serves you? Would you like to travel thousands of years back in time to experience the emotional cleansing rituals of the magical and mystical land of Egypt? If you are going through a trying time or are on a path to enlightenment please read on to find out how an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Ceremony provides a profound shift without any pain. Passionate about Egyptian culture as well as my own path to nirvana I was more than intrigued when my friend, who is going through a divorce, invited me to take part in an Egyptian Emotional Clearing. It was pretty much a no-brainer…Egypt and healing .bined – count me in! So yesterday, arms spilling over with the required participant accouterments- yoga mat, pillow, blanket, journal and intention – I arrived with great excitement. The space had a wonderful energy to it and felt very safe. The lights had been dimmed and the first thing I was told to do was stand against a wall with a projected image of a free flowing heart to let the love enter my heart. As I stood with my eyes closed I was aware of a subtle, beautiful energy, moving through my heart chakra. Our spiritual teacher Sophia then guided me to sit and learn about this cleansing ritual. A healing ceremony passed down from the temple of The Egyptian high priestess Isis. It is performed to cleanse negative emotions and erase past life memory to clear the pathways in preparation of new life energy in our daily life. After our small group shared our personal intentions we stretched out on our mats and pillows and waited to receive the magic. Sophia lovingly anointed us with 12 different sacred oil formulas placed on specific points/chakras of the body. The intention of these essential oils being to clear/help with the following: Courage and Self-esteem Physical and emotional healing Release of deep-seated trauma Movement forward in life Reconnect with inner self Harmony of mind and body Grounding F.iveness Hope Joy Protection I floated in and out of sleep and various visions danced across my dreamscape – all related to the intention I set prior to the ceremony. I have no idea how long this experience lasted – but we were gently awakened with angelic chimes. I felt very groggy and as we shared our inner observations I felt a definite positive shift in regards to my intention. There was an emotional peace that hadn’t been there before. This is powerful for anyone wishing to say bye-bye to velcro’ed issues. It was very special to experience in a small intimate setting. It’s fun and effective and so much healthier than getting together to Kvetch! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: