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Strategic-Planning The photocopier has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the first half of the 20th Century. While Xerography was invented by American law student Chester Carlson in 1937, it was not at first a popular invention. In fact, it took ten years for Carlson to find a company willing to develop the process. It was the Xerox Corporation (originally founded as The Haloid Photographic Company) that eventually took up the challenge, ultimately profiting from one of the best known inventions of the last 100 years. Introduced in 1958, the first commercial push button photocopier machine, the 914, was a phenomenal success. Between 1960 and 1963 Haloid Xeroxs income increased from $2 million to more than $22 million. Under its shortened name, Xerox introduced 24 new products over the next 20 years, and Chester Carlsons invention became a multi-billion dollar industry. While Xerox remains highly influential in the global photocopier industry, a range of competitors emerged from 1955 onwards including Ricoh, Minolta, Panasonic, Toshiba and Canon. As the producer of the first colour photocopier, Canon established itself as the industrys world leader from 1985 onwards. Today the photocopier is a fundamental component of the office landscape. But its uses are not restricted to its traditional copying functions. It is a little known fact that when it comes to document reproduction, photocopiers are around four times cheaper than the commonly used printer. So while workers are often inclined to use the office printer when they require duplicate copies of a particular document, using a photocopier to complete the same task would allow them to make significant savings to their offices supply budget. Using a photocopier for tasks usually assigned to the office printer is just one way to make substantial savings to your office budget. A recent report commissioned by Canon Europe into the print management activities of businesses and organisations across the continent found that on average businesses are losing an estimated 17,000 a year due to poor or inadequate print management. These tips will help your organisation to save money and achieve a greener, more sustainable print strategy: 1.Carry out a professional print audit A print audit provides valuable insight into an organisations print operations. By reconfiguring photocopiers, adjusting printing habits and adopting a range of other simple solutions, a professional print audit can result in significantly reduced printing costs and increased printing productivity. It can also allow organisations to see who is printing the most and which devices are being used for which jobs. Print jobs can then be directed to more cost-effective photocopiers. 2.Upgrade your office equipment Office equipment is advancing rapidly, with developments in printing technology meaning that fast and productive printing and copying is becoming increasingly cost-effective. If an in-depth print audit shows that a devices performance could be letting a system down once printers and photocopiers have been reconfigured and printing habits improved, choosing a more productive device with improved energy efficiency could be the solution. 3.Optimise your print layout If your printer or photocopier is capable of printing double sided i.e. duplex, enable and use this functionality. By doing so, paper use can be cut by up to 40%. Where appropriate, you should also consider using smaller sized fonts or Ecofont, which can reduce ink consumption by up to 15%. Efficiency savings can also be made by printing multiple pages per sheet and reducing document margins to 0.75 inches. By putting these tips into practice you can ensure that your office is running at optimum efficiency saving money and minimising your carbon footprint. About the Author: KN Office Supplies is a Bristol-based office supplies company. We stock as many green office products as we can as the environment is important to us and were working towards ISO14001 accreditation. We offer FREE collection on used toners and cartridges. We offer a huge range of recycled and fair-trade products- including tea and coffee, and can help your business become more eco-friendly. Visit today to get office supplies and furniture delivered anywhere in the UK. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Strategic-Planning 相关的主题文章: