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You are going to start a work at home business. Do you need a website? Do you think that having a presence on the Internet will strengthen your .pany’s overall marketing goals and contribute to your success? If you can find your work and be paid without a website, then you may not need one. Some work at home businesses that do not need a website include the following: * Selling on online auctions * Contract technical or business writing * .pleting surveys * Medical transcription * Graphic artist If your business depends on having people around the country or the world seeing your business on the Internet, then you need a website. Some work at home businesses that do need a website include the following: * Affiliate marketing * MLM marketing * Online retail Blogging Blogging may or may not require a website, depending on how you want to present your blog. There are blogging sites that allow you to create and manage your blog through them; this does not require that you have a website. If blogging is the primary focus of your work at home business, then having your own website probably is not necessary, unless you intend to be.e a high-profile blogger, one who wants an impressive presence on the web. If blogging is going to be just one piece of a larger business you are running, you can add a blog as a .ponent to any website that you have; software is available to allow you to add a blog to your website. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing requires a website for your business. The nature of affiliate marketing is that you are marketing to others how to start a business doing what you’re doing, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to profit from purchases others make as a result of visiting your website, and also to profit from purchases made by those who buy from your customers, and from their customers, etc. Affiliate marketing is an instance of an MLM business, and the primary products you are selling are affiliate memberships. Many people who are in affiliate marketing also are sending newsletters to their client base and are marketing ancillary products to the mailing list of those visitors who sign up for their newsletter. All of this requires a website. Depending on the affiliate program you first affiliate your business with, various help will be offered to you: help with your newsletter, with maintaining your database of potential customer, with your blog, and in some instances, the program will even create your website for you at no additional cost. This gives you a tremendous advantage, because most people who want to earn extra money on the Internet are not experienced website developers. MLM marketing Some MLM marketing businesses require a website. MLM marketing is a more general version of affiliate marketing in that typically you are selling products. MLM marketers sell all kinds of products. Some of the most visible MLM businesses on the Internet today are selling natural health supplements of various sorts. Not all MLM businesses require you to have a website. Some MLM businesses you may have heard of that don’t require a website are Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay and Pampered Chef. Although these business owners could sell their products on the Internet, the majority have home parties and find customers in their .munities. Online Retail If your efforts to make money with a home based Internet business have you selling items that you have made or have access to through other sources, you will need a website unless you are selling on online auctions. Online retail websites require that you have .ponents that many other types of websites don’t need. You may need a database of the products you are selling (unless you’re only selling a few specific items). You will probably need a shopping cart on your website so your customers can make their purchase selections. You will also need a way to collect the money paid for the products you sell. This can be ac.plished with a merchant account or with a payment system such as PayPal. A merchant account will let your customers pay for their purchases with a credit card. PayPal payments are easy to set up, but your customer must also have a PayPal account; that could cause a customer to shop elsewhere. You will need a way to deliver what you sell. If you are selling digital products (.puter files), you will need to be able to handle that type of transaction. So, does your business require that you have a website? If you need customers from around the world for your business to be successful, then you probably need a website. If you can earn money by working for other businesses, you may not need a website. About the Author: review popular home business ideas and opportunities. 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