8 hours after the day, playing mahjong, the man’s buttocks sitting out of the big hole in the egg-zznba

Daytime driving 8 hours after playing mahjong man sat out egg big hole in the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Wu Wei Ma Yaoyao) during 8 hours car trips, to the destination after playing mahjong all night, a man long time sedentary ass was sitting out a big hole in the egg. Yesterday, Mr. Luo, 38 years old, went back to the hospital after his trip back to the central hospital and visited the emergency department of the lake district. The emergency surgeon found him limping when he walked, and he didn’t sit down in the consulting room until he knew there was a hole in his hip. After examination, Mr. Luo said the hole is actually the tail of the sacrum bedsore bedsore, size 5 cm × cm; 6, it is long time sedentary pressure parts, ulceration and bedsore has gone out of foul pus around the local skin has serious infection. Emergency department director iseefair asked that Mr. Luo took advantage of the National Day holiday, about a few friends traveling by car, drove more than 8 hours after the car arrived at the destination, the night playing mahjong all night; the next few days sitting for a long time. And Mr. Luo usually work in the office, but also rarely exercise. "Sedentary driving, playing games, surfing the Internet, playing Mah Jong, etc., are all likely to get out of bed sore," said finn.

白天开车8小时后打麻将 男子屁股坐出鸡蛋大的洞本报讯(记者伍伟 通讯员马遥遥)长假期间开8小时车出游,到了目的地后又打了通宵麻将,一男子长时间久坐不动,屁股上竟坐出一个鸡蛋大的洞。昨天,38岁的罗先生自驾游回汉后,赶到市中心医院后湖院区急诊科看病。急诊外科医生发现他走路时一瘸一拐,到了诊室也不坐下,才知道他的臀部上有一个洞。经检查,罗先生所说的洞其实是褥疮,骶骨尾部的褥疮大小5厘米×6厘米,正是长时间久坐所压的部位,且褥疮的破溃处已经流出了恶臭的脓水,周围局部皮肤已严重感染。急诊科主任艾芬询问得知,罗先生趁着国庆长假约上几位朋友开车出游,开了8个多小时车后到达目的地,当晚打了通宵麻将;随后几天坐着的时间也很长。且罗先生平时的工作是坐办公室,也很少活动锻炼。艾芬说,久坐开车、玩游戏、上网、打麻将等都有可能坐出褥疮。相关的主题文章: