A driver in Suzhou, Wujiang illegally parked the car with paper to block the license plate to avoid -diqua

Suzhou Wujiang a driver parking with slip cover plate hiding now Suzhou fine many streets have established HD capture parking monitoring, the general public is conscious of parking, but recently there was a young man in order to facilitate the work of Wujiang, was parked in a no parking road, also played a little clever. In the morning in the vicinity of Wujiang shun new road at the University Road, a young man driving a white SUV came here. After the car stopped, nobody looked at it. The young man pulled out the paper from the car and pasted it on the license plate, and then he was relieved to go to work. And the road is relatively narrow, this parked at the junction of the car has an impact on traffic, not long after the police patrol through here, found the blocking plate of off-road vehicles. The young man did not admit that the car was his, but the police had no choice but to deal with other police affairs first. And the young man found that after the police left, immediately quickly back, driving the car also flew away from the scene. What the young man didn’t know was that he had deliberately blocked the license plate and had been photographed with complete pavement preparation. Through the brand clues, traffic police contact the young man, notify him to come to deal with this violation. Police, deliberately block the license plate of motor vehicles, a secondary deduction of 12 points, please the majority of driver friends must not deliberately block the license plate. Reporter: Yang Lei expand reading: wonderful driver with sanitary towel blocking license plate, traffic police response, "you tease me" (video and articles irrelevant, for reference only)

苏州吴江一司机违章停车 用纸片遮挡车牌躲罚款 现在苏州很多街道都建立了高清抓拍违章停车监控,市民大都自觉停车,可最近吴江有位小伙子为了办事方便,竟然停在禁停路面,还耍了一回小聪明。当天上午在吴江舜新路附近一处严管路面,一位小伙子驾驶一辆白色越野车来到这里。车子停好后看看左右无人,小伙子从车里掏出纸来,粘贴到了牌照上,然后放心去办事了。而路面比较窄,这辆停放在路口的汽车对交通产生影响,没多久,民警巡逻经过这里,发现了这辆遮挡号牌的越野车。 小伙子不承认这车子是他的,民警无奈就先去处理其他的警务了。而小伙子发现民警离开后,立即快速折回,驾驶汽车飞也似地离开了现场。这位小伙子不知道的是,他故意遮挡号牌的过程,已经被路面监控完完整整地拍摄了下来。通过牌号线索,交警联系小伙子,通知他前来处理这起违章。民警介绍, 故意遮挡机动车号牌的,一次要扣12分 请广大驾驶员朋友切勿不要故意遮挡号牌 。记者:杨磊扩展阅读: 奇葩司机用卫生巾遮挡车牌 交警回应“你逗我吧” (视频与文章无关,仅供参考)相关的主题文章: