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UnCategorized There are times for almost every group in which hiring a fundraising consultant is beneficial. Usually in these situations, you need someone who has skills and knowledge in a cause that your group are fighting for and cares for the same reasons you do. But despite this still has enough perspective to look rationally at how you can improve your fundraising. You might also want to look at fundraising consultancy to help decide a course of action and what strategy will work best for you and your group. Here in this article we shall look at how to go about choosing a good consultant so that they end up being an investment in your organisation’s future. First thing to look at is the fundraising consultancy’s track record, asking the .pany may seem blindly obvious but sometimes people forget this can be incredibly important. Ask them what types of people they have worked with and whether or not you know any organisations they have worked with before. Sometimes race, gender, class and sexual orientation can be very important in this line of work so it is worth asking them if they have experience working with diverse groups of people. Next, when considering a .pany for fundraising consultancy it is important to get good references, ask for the last three groups they have worked with. When you call these groups then make sure you ask if the person or .pany in question was helpful. Did they listen well? Did they understand the situation fully? Would the group hire the person or .pany in question again? Checking references is good but sometimes it is more helpful to ask groups that have worked with the .pany recently for more candid responses. Lastly, it may seem obvious again but an initial meeting of the consultant you will be working with should be free and about half an hour. It is worth seeing that personalities do not clash and you are clear with each other what you wish to achieve. With fundraising consultancy you should be confident and ask exactly what you are going to be getting from your consultant. You want to be confident that you can trust this person and that they believe in your cause. If a person does not understand too much about what your group is doing or why, then you need to find someone who does care. Avoid consultants who tell you to ‘tone down’ your messages or to ‘broaden goals’ as you want to earn money for your group not for a new group that they have created. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: