A man in Xiamen Tianmashan injured after police rescued from Dutch act zngay

A man in Xiamen Tianmashan injured after police rescued from Dutch act according to the Xiamen daily news, 6 November 17th in the evening, a man Dutch act in Tianmashan jumping. Life did not catch, but because of his waist, trapped in the hillside. Subsequently, the injured were rescued by the rescue team rushed to the hospital for further treatment. It is reported that last night, after public security, fire, emergency, Xiamen Shuguang rescue team’s tireless efforts, and finally found the injured. Zhuiya personnel all clear, suspected fracture of lumbar vertebra, rescue workers can not easily move the injured to the injured, only feed glucose and water, and give him some psychological guidance. Subsequently, the dawn rescue team members and the rescue team teamed up with the north, the man will be fixed on a stretcher to lift the cliff. The injured were sent to the hospital for further examination and treatment. Field staff said, is the man want to commit suicide, but this statement has not been confirmed by the police for further investigation.   reported the same problem; Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter Zhu Junbo Ventura) at 6:30 yesterday evening, the North Star mountain rescue team received 110 command information center to command in a Duanbi Pagasus, a man fell from the top, could not move after the injury, need rescue.   the players starting immediately, dark ahead. At the bottom of a cliff, the players found the man, but he was unable to sit up. The man said he was jumping Dutch act, but he did not say why Dutch act. Soon, the dawn rescue team rushed to the scene, the two teams work together to carry the stretcher on the road to the injured, and handed over to 120 medical staff.相关的主题文章: