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Health How many different dietary plans are there? There are so many around that it’s no wonder that we are confused, as we try and fail to make a difference. Some of them tell us that we should eat only protein, while others tell us that this is .pletely the wrong approach and we need to stock up on carbohydrates. Wherever you look, it seems as if everybody has a different opinion. One of the better diets revolves around the concept of the glycemic index. We’re told that foods toward the bottom of this index are more preferable and that we can avoid the worst effects associated with high blood sugar levels here. Many different dietary plans have been developed around the glycemic index rankings. One of the better known versions is the South Beach diet. Not only will such a diet help us to control weight fluctuations, but it can help us to avoid diseases such as diabetes, or to control the symptoms if we already suffer. Above all else, we must develop a dietary plan around the individual’s needs. Each one of us has to go through this process to find out what is ultimately the best for us and we have to try and exclude a number of different diets as we do so. This is a bit of a process, for sure, and you might benefit from seeking out the advice of a registered dietitian. The glycemic index-based diet is preferable as it helps us to regulate the effect that certain types of carbohydrates have on our bodies. Not all carbs are the same and some are digested more quickly than others. When they are digested quickly, high blood glucose levels can result – part of the glycemic response. When this happens, fat reserves are created, together with higher levels of insulin – not a good .bination, and to be avoided if possible. When we consider the glycemic response of the carbohydrate, we have to consider the origin of the food, whether it is processed and how we have prepared and cooked it. These are important considerations, as a particular food can have very different effects when it is cooked, as opposed to being raw. Right at the bottom of the glycemic index are the best foods of all. It’s here that we find the nutrition filled fruits, vegetables and beans that we must put at the core of our glycemic diet plan. As always, study the index carefully and don’t assume anything. Certain foods are not as good as others and ripened bananas or cooked carrots can be found at the higher ends of the scale. Your dietary plan should focus on .plex carbohydrates and vegetables at the low end of the glycemic index, balanced against the right amount of lean protein. Chicken and fish are preferable sources of protein and fish in particular has a number of other health benefits due to its particular properties and Omega-3 fatty acids. Moderate your diet and by all means enjoy it, so sprinkle in some of those simple carbohydrates from time to time, as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: