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A warm heart! SWAT team members worried about the wheelchair was injured in the elderly to take care of the evening of 9 or so around 27, WeChat, Jinhua, Yongkang circle of friends have to give a picture point praise. It turned out that a netizen uploaded a picture, a picture of a SWAT team members are pushing a wheelchair in the old man across the road. In October 27th 5 pm, at rush hour, the bridge in a beautiful bridge, the patrol police team pushed an old man across the street, this warm scene was filmed using a mobile phone network and spread to the Internet, we call it positive energy around you. It is understood that the wheelchair is the Yongkang Municipal Public Security Bureau police patrol brigade of a co pilot, named Fu Guanglong. "It was the rush hour, the traffic coming and going. And no one around the old man, sitting alone on the sidewalk in a wheelchair, very dangerous. I was afraid that the vehicle met him, and asked him in the past, but the old man can not say, I would like to push him to the safety of the place to go. Then two people came to help, and I took the old man to the sidewalk opposite the safe place. Then his nurse came". Fu Guanglong said, this is what he should do. And that two people are very enthusiastic to help him lift the elderly. "This is nothing, we often help the team members, and every day on the road will happen like this, if replaced by other police, we will do so." Fu Guanglong said with a shy.相关的主题文章: