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Exercise The Americans with Disabilities Act .pliant or ADA has set minimum standards for public access and usability in Bathrooms. ADA bathtubs can be those which are a "walk in" type of tub or in other words have a door in side to allow a person with ambulatory difficulty to slide in to it from a wheelchair. Part of ADA .pliance is the standards of accessibility of a disabled. Bathtubs of this standard have easy access entry and exit. This is the reason why walkin tubs or tubs with door has been a trend. They should be .fortable getting in and out of the tub for them not to feel discriminated because of their condition. Also, by providing them a tub with a door would not let them feel inferior because hardship on climbing on a conventional tub would be eradicated. ADA bathtubs also possess anti-slip surfaces to prevent anyone from slipping in the tub. Also, added safety feature has been provided in form of hand rails. This way, people with limited mobility will be able to spend time alone bathing, with or without minimal supervision of the care provider or family member. To eliminate discrimination on their condition, easy access faucet and showers has been provided. In addition to that a built in bath seat is also featured on this kind of tub. An easy access faucet has a one turn or censor activated knob to turn it on and off. Two types of showers are installed such as hand held shower and wall mounted shower to provide them option and trouble-free accessibility. Bath seat of ADA bathtubs is only built in as part of ADA .pliance, it should be well-built and free from the vulnerability a regular pull out or moveable bath seat may contribute. Since built in, bath seats are padded for extra .fort while headrest for soaking on the other hand is cushioned. to ensure that a disabled person will be able to finish bathing alone, a one touch speed drain is also provided. Towel holder is also strategically positioned horizontally at the upper outer part of the door. ADA bathtubs has a unique water system which is also adapted nowadays for the use of everyone. Automated thermostatic water heater can be activated using a remote control. For maximum .fort, spa system and therapeutic bubble emission can also be installed optionally which can also be accessed through a remote control. This water systems are automatically temperature controlled which provides enough water heat based on the current body temperature of the person using the tub to avoid burn or scald incidents which normally happens if heater is not closely controlled. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: