Ali holds Groupon 5.6% shares into the fourth largest shareholder aspack

Ali holds Groupon 5.6% shares to become the fourth largest shareholder Sina stock news 13 Bloomberg reported that Alibaba group bought 33 million shares of Groupon Inc. shares, becoming the latter’s fourth largest shareholder. The market value of Groupon has evaporated by about 86% over the past four years. According to a regulatory document on Friday, as of December 31st last year, Alibaba held a 5.6% stake in Groupon. In addition, Alibaba also holdings of online retailers Jet Inc., augmented reality service provider Magic Leap Inc. and car platform Lyft Inc. shares. Wedbush Securities analyst Gil Luria said that this is part of the Alibaba in expanding global business on the depth of the U.S. market strategy. Luria says that Alibaba not only wants to have its own business, it is also investing in other companies to help improve itself and pave the way for more active business activities in the future. Alibaba spokesman did not immediately comment on the regulatory documents. Groupon spokesman Bill Roberts said the company was not aware of Alibaba’s holdings until the regulatory documents were released on Friday. Roberts said, "Alibaba has the reputation of long-term holders, we are pleased that Alibaba in the development of Groupon opportunities and implementation of the same view with us."

阿里持有Groupon 5.6%股票 成第四大股东   新浪美股讯 13日彭博报道,阿里巴巴集团买入了3,300万股Groupon Inc.股票,成为后者的第四大股东。Groupon上市四年多以来市值蒸发约86%。   据周五的一份监管文件显示,截至去年12月31日,阿里巴巴持有Groupon 5.6%的股份。此外,阿里巴巴还增持了在线零售商Jet Inc.、增强现实服务提供商Magic Leap Inc.和约车平台Lyft Inc.的股票。Wedbush Securities分析师Gil Luria表示,这是阿里巴巴在扩大全球业务之际深入美国市场战略的一部分。   Luria表示,阿里巴巴不仅仅希望拥有自己的业务,因此还在对其他公司进行投资,从而帮助提升自身,并为未来开展更加活跃的业务活动铺平道路。   阿里巴巴发言人未立即就上述监管文件置评。Groupon发言人Bill Roberts表示,公司直到周五的监管文件公布之后才知悉阿里巴巴的持股情况。   Roberts称,“阿里巴巴素有长线持有者的美誉,我们很高兴阿里巴巴在Groupon的发展机遇和执行方面有着和我们相同的见解。”相关的主题文章: