Alyssa Chia eldest daughter Miss sister play to half will go home (video)

Alyssa Chia’s daughter Miss sister to play half Alyssa Chia’s coming home with Indus sister play does not does not Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Alyssa Chia Sun Zhihao with her ex husband divorced in 2010, to the custody of her daughter Indus sister fought the lawsuit, she finally won custody of the child, and 9 year old Shiou in 2015 again, the same year gave birth to daughter does not does not. Recently she went to the school summer vacation is coming to an end, with the Indus sister out to play together, did not think about his sister, sister Phoenix to play half does not want to go home with the sisters does not play, feeling very good. Alyssa Chia will soon grasp the Indus sister school day, with the Indus sister and assistant does not let out to play together, does not stay at home, but does not upload a picture does not helpless expression. Although the Indus sister does not and does not is half sisters and sisters, but deep feelings, Indus sister playing to half wanted to go home with her sister, sister reluctant to leave, let Alyssa Chia praised: "good sister." Artist Alyssa Chia often in the face book to share a warm family photo, lovely does not does not is also very popular, but she has been questioned whether eccentric, and to clarify the due and ex husband divorce, there is one is not to let the public exposure in Indus sister activities, in order to have supervision right, so don’t share positive Indus sister photos, let the fans very distressed. & #21656; & #21656; in one year old Shiou is the daughter of Alyssa Chia’s birthday相关的主题文章: