Analysis of the reasons for the difference between the four teams have no

Analysis of Manzano class four reasons: divergence team impatient Manzano November 9th, Manzano and the club in a lengthy negotiation tug of war eventually after class. The club’s move is to make many fans feel puzzled. About the reasons for the class, a Chinese and Western football concept was repeatedly referred to the club. So what is the difference between the club and the Chinese football concept? The following will detail the Manzano and the club’s four points of disagreement. And the difference of the four points behind the concept. The 1 season   Manzano: March AFC Champions League, successful club: 3 red 2 should sit on this season’s performance location can be said to be the basis for negotiations. From the perspective of Manzano, with this lineup this season Shenhua ranked super fourth into the AFC Champions League, absolute success. Among the top 3 teams, with all the European price drop to the HK super foreign aid, and Manzano had only a 14 million euro Ba, midway also hurt. Local players, until the season after playing 0 internationals. In this lineup, to have the results to the scene scene. Manzano believes that such a successful season, no doubt let their own initiative in the negotiations. But the club does not think so, in the face of chairman Wu Xiaohui said in an interview, "get AFC Champions League qualification, MANSANO think Shenhua current strength is fifth, sixth, fourth to have been quite successful. I think we should go to sit third, even the impact of second." Obviously, the club for this achievement, and did not imagine the identity of the city, especially in the city or the pressure on the harbor. So for this season both qualitative differences, and even lead to a contract and other issues are very anxious about. 2 performance requirements: AFC Champions League club to enter the race, has obtained the qualification for next season AFC Champions League Manzano: the current lineup is very difficult for the Shenhua club next season’s goal is clear, is through the AFC Champions League qualification into the race, and at the end of the season in the AFC Champions League qualification. From the perspective of the Shenhua club, compared to other teams still win slogan, this goal is not outrageous, but the current situation and the team makes Manzano very puzzled. Shenhua strength Manzano is considered to be fifth, sixth, next season facing double battle AFC Champions League, lack of experience inevitably hurt the League shenhua. One can ensure that enter and also added a AFC Champions League, fronts. Manzano can only see it as a goal that can be achieved, rather than the goal must be completed. The next season in the target to form a tug. MANSANO are behind: pragmatic, but the club needed a Super League club and their biggest pie Manzano contradiction is a pragmatic attitude, with the club who need to MANSANO ability to form a huge contradiction. The Manzano are concerned, the team took a few pounds, after certainly clear to the club with a strength of the achievement orientation, set a goal to strive for, is a more pragmatic approach. But from the part of the club’s point of view, I hit the money so much money, that ran a champion and P相关的主题文章: