Analysis refers to the high serie a victory over Juventus home court pattern –

Analysis: refers to the high serie a victory over Juventus – serie a home court pattern Sohu SMG recommended: Juventus VS Sampdoria game time: Thursday 02:45 2016. 10.27 asian handicap: 0.98 Juventus 2 0.88 European index: 1.15 prospective Sampdoria 6.10 events: 13 Serie A games this week an express, although Juventus this season to play is still quite stable, but the team in the face of the planes in Milan are much less to eat defeat, a bully feeling, it is because the last round of the game against AC Milan, Juventus in the standings are gradually behind the team approach, the first task is to consolidate the status of the team championship hegemony, the home court attack must strive to 3 points in the battle, the capacitance of the main team in the game, Dibala wounded The initial diagnosis, injured for two weeks; the last round match against Genoa Sampdoria, swept away after 6 games in a row over the haze, but note that the team this week ushered in the first month away against the defending champions Juventus on Sunday, then it’s international in Milan, how to crack the two attack under the retreats, the team coach Marco will face a major test. Analysis of the ball for position: the disc for Juventus to make two ball chupan, given Juventus round game defeat, the Australian color plate water level is high, the agency is not optimistic about the plate hit in a deep dish, the author thinks that the disk with the war pattern, and this Sunday at Juventus also rivals Naples, team coach Allegri will retain the strength with Europe, the analysis found index is concentrated in the vicinity of 1.15, the home team to win a big problem, but the team situation is unstable, and the sub index is refers to wear plate high prices do not fall, this war may wish to look Juventus win lose plate. SMG recommended: 3 disc recommended: Sampdoria (+2)

意甲分析:亚指高企 尤文主场小胜格局-搜狐  意甲竞彩推荐:尤文图斯 VS 桑普多利亚   比赛时间:2016. 10.27 星期四 02:45   亚洲盘口:0.98 尤文图斯 2 桑普多利亚 0.88   欧洲指数:1.15 6.10 13.00   赛事前瞻:   本周意甲联赛加开快车,虽然尤文图斯本赛季发挥尚算稳定,不过球队在面对米兰双雄的时候均吃下败仗,多多少少给人一种欺软怕硬的感觉,也正因为上轮比赛不敌AC米兰,尤文图斯在积分榜中逐渐被身后的球队所逼近,现时球队首要任务就是巩固好联赛霸主的地位,本次主场出击必定力争3分,在阵容方面,球队主力迪巴拉在上场比赛负伤,初步诊断伤缺两周;桑普多利亚上轮比赛击败了热那亚,一扫此前连续6场比赛不胜阴霾,但需要注意的是,球队本周迎来了魔鬼赛程,先是作客面对卫冕冠军尤文图斯,接着在周日就要对阵国际米兰,如何在两支劲旅的夹击之下全身而退,球队主帅马尔科即将面临重大考验。   球智库盘口分析:   亚盘为尤文图斯做出让两球的初盘,鉴于尤文图斯上轮比赛告负,现时澳彩上盘水位高企,机构并不看好上盘在深盘中打出,笔者认为该盘面符合本战格局,而且尤文本周日还要客战劲旅那不勒斯,球队主帅阿莱格里恐怕会保留实力,结合欧指分析,目前主胜指数集中在1.15附近,主队胜出问题不大,但球队近况状态不稳,加之亚指穿盘的指数实在高企不降,本战不妨看好尤文图斯赢球输盘。   竞彩推荐:3   亚盘推荐:桑普多利亚(+2)相关的主题文章: