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And how to arrange the appointment of the goddess of love? Perfect dating process! Original title: like the girls finally agreed to date with you, how to arrange? Perfect dating process! Source: see love I author   Chu Liugen editor   Chu Liugen this is a need you to recite in detail the full Raiders, this strategy is a basic formula. As long as reciting and learning, you can deal with 90% of dating. Dating is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. A lot of boys to offer out of the right girl, take out the cost of the exchange is to live frugally, the goddess has been playing mobile phone WeChat chat, then about it. We need to make sure that we have a limited amount of time and energy to spend every time we do it. You have to know what you need to do at each step of your date, and then make a reasonable date. At every step of the effect, and then transitions. In my date, I usually arrange to lead a girl to a variety of scenes, to complete the different stages of the relationship, in order to achieve a date will have the experience of love. In the novice dating process, the need for multiple appointments, and maintain the relationship between the heat, it is possible to achieve the desired ambiguity. If you do not meet the needs of the current scene, the next appointment is invalid. Because the relationship between men and women always show a stage of ascension. Dating step 1. The first sentence, meet the occasion, let her first feeling is an easy date 2. For the first time, a quiet and comfortable place Cafe Cafe Restaurant "to complete the basic information exchange, increase understanding" girls are willing to provide their own information, and you are interested in the topic. Chat good atmosphere, preparing for the next transition occasion. If the girl has been playing the phone, love is not reasonable, lack of interest, we can simply think that girls are not interested in us. We stop and say goodbye. 3. The first transition, two people can play interactive games room occasions cinema cake pottery climbing "enhance dating atmosphere and enhance interactive cinema is a very difficult situation, because the traffic is not convenient. If the topic of the film and more, and around the exchange and malicious whisper, then you can operate. The game room is better to be able to play according to the mood of two people to improve, play together hey, set up a common memory. Hiking and other outdoor sports can refer to, pottery and cake cooking can be very good for you to participate in. If a girl has a frown, she is not interested in the game and won’t come in. We consider the end. 4. The two transitions, brilliant comfortable occasions clear river walk "in-depth exchanges, let the girls open heart can listen to sad music bar, or the wind blowing the river slowly to discuss about the feelings and experiences of the past, your communication more deeply, to understand her true feelings. Let you open your heart to her. If the time is too late, she was anxious to go home, then send her to the car, let him home safely after you send a message. 5. The three transitions, private space)相关的主题文章: