Angry drivers who count road anger accounts by the fist to solve the loss too face gossip

Temper drivers "road rage account" by "losing too fists to solve the original 200 yuan can solve the matter, my fist on the sum of 5000 yuan, really regret." In Jiyuqiao street people’s Mediation Committee for mediation on the record, "Mr. Zhang Lu Nu" this sentence very sad. Recently, the reporter visited Wuhan several street people’s mediation committee mediation, the statistical records found that over 80% of transportation dispute mediation is the owner of fighting, and the protagonists are "Lu nu". "Lu Nu" honked a Mr. Liu, who lives in a peaceful Avenue fracture, in October 18th this year, morning, he drove a small parking lot, was blocked in front of a car, the car owners with parking fee negotiation job security matters. Mr. Liu is anxious to go to work, very anxious, in the back of the horn. A few minutes later, in front of the owners ignored, still did not move the car. Mr. Liu continued to press a horn, at this time, the owner in front of the fire, came to Mr. Liu a scolding, refer to what I have not finished ". Mr. Liu see each other so arrogant, also fire, two people fighting, even moving from the hand, as a result, Mr. Liu with a broken arm. After the dispute, the two sides requested the settlement of the people’s mediation committee jade bridge, and finally, the injured Liu received 5000 yuan compensation. In the afternoon of September 17th this year, Mr. Yang driving in the Wu Road, and a car traveling side by side rub, due to the time of the evening peak traffic jam, two cars are not driven by the road. The owner of both down, have great anger, blame each other. Noisy quarrel, two people actually played up, Mr. Yang’s glasses were broken. The mediator Alex shed Street People’s mediation committee of persuasion and other compensation for Mr. Yang 1500 Yuan glasses fee, the two sides to shake hands with their car. By now a fist to solve greatly on the road, "Lu Nu", a word not just wielded fist, was wounded in the gas, but others, like The loss outweighs the gain. The reporter for the "no impulsive behavior of a bill Lu Nu". In order to break the glasses owner Mr. Yang as an example, based on the traffic speed is very slow, and produce alongside grazing, but their off a piece of paint, the original 200 yuan can solve the problem, it takes 1500, had had a gas do not say, but also referred to the judicial time spent mediation, sad and hurt is not worth money. Batterer succeed spur of the moment, at least to spend 1500 yuan, compensate the glasses money, cars are still to repair themselves. Of course, more traffic accidents are responsible for primary and secondary. If you can not determine the primary and secondary, you can call the police to deal with, and then through their insurance to pay. A month ago, the people of Huangpi Chen carrying 5 people driving in the accumulation of jade bridge, with a sudden change in the way of a car accident. A tube off after not alarm, but see each other a lot, immediately called many social youth, the Chen 6 people were a group of people called a tube of different degrees of wounded, spent 14000 yuan for medical expenses. After mediation, all of the money paid by the tube. If the tube will be an accident insurance, you can save at least 14000 yuan. More than 80% traffic dispute mediation is a recent fight, the reporter visited the jade bridge.相关的主题文章: