Anti robbery drills Lu’an police uniform two robbers high-speed toll station spyair

The high-speed toll station robbery drills Lu’an police uniforms two "Robbers" according to the Lu’an news network reported in order to further improve the coping ability of emergency disposal charge crossing, emergencies occurred the morning of September 22nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment three brigade with six potential high-speed highway administration Mount Holyoke toll station to carry out anti hijacking anti robbery combat drills, three high-speed police brigade and the toll station staff more than 20 people attended the exercises. The training is the day, at 8:50 in the morning, the three brigade received the Mount Holyoke high-speed toll station police said: "there are two masked robbers armed robbery is the toll station, please the police handle". High speed three brigade duty room immediately after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to know through export duty for disposal, and report to the 110 command center, at the same time, reported to the brigade leader. Crossing duty group rapid response, by Captain Zhu Liang led the police on duty rushed to the scene immediately after the deployment, the police Bingfenlianglu, a group of police is responsible for attracting in toll booths outside the armed lookout "criminals", another group of police uniforms are responsible for cash robbery charges from the pavilion "gangster". The police and criminals wits to find time for the two decisive thugs uniforms. After the end of the drill, the captain Zhu Liang to the toll station staff to explain in detail the security knowledge and knowledge of similar emergency situations, such as disposal methods, attention and so on. The anti hijacking anti robbery combat drills, to further improve the safety awareness of toll station workers, but also enhance the police brigade emergency handling ability, provide practical experience to ensure the normal working order of toll station. (China   source of Dabie Mountain morning publication) original title: high-speed toll station robbery drills police uniforms two "Robbers" editor: He Wei相关的主题文章: