Apple conference next week is worth looking forward to, besides MBP and

Apple next week conference is worth looking forward to, in addition to MBP and apple, will be held in the United States on October 27th, a new product conference, the main character will be Mac computer, is expected to all products will be updated. Here’s a look at what new Mac is worth looking forward to. Digital broadcast: Tencent will be next Friday at one o’clock in the morning for you to broadcast the apple Mac new conference, please look forward to. Highlight 1: the new design of MacBook Pro, a large number of leaked messages show that MacBook Pro will be a major update this year, in fact, from 2012, MacBook Pro mold has never changed, obviously it will become the protagonist of the apple conference. In May this year, KGI securities Guo Mingchi has revealed changes in the new MacBook Pro is equipped with OLED touch screen, you can dynamically display the function keys, the state of the application, and the latest spy photos actually also confirmed this point. In addition, MacBook Pro also hopes to use USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 interface, the latest report claims that after the use of USB-C, and even no longer have MagSafe power, just like 12 inches MacBook. As for the configuration, the new MacBook Pro may use the latest Intel core Kaby Lake processor and AMD graphics card, performance in line with its consistent mobile office, appropriate graphics positioning. The regular update of MacBook Air seems that apple is not going to make a big update on MacBook Air, even though it’s the best selling and affordable apple notebook. Bloomberg believes that MacBook Air will add USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 interface, but the overall design will continue in 2010 early, that is to say there will not be any change. Retina screen? I’m sorry。 In addition, Macotakara website said Apple will cancel 11 inches of MacBook Air, which is also very logical, after all, 12 inches MacBook is Apple’s main push product, 13 inches MacBook Air will become an entry-level apple notebook. Regular updated iMacMac computers usually use a mold for many years, so 2012 young, thin iMac will not change much. Conventional updates mean configuration upgrades, and it may also be added to the USB-C interface. The screen resolution is raised to two configurations of 4K and 5K. Highlights two: 5K display, in June this year, apple discontinued the Thunderbolt display, the current product line is in a blank state. 9to5Mac reported that Apple plans to launch a new 5K display to replace, one of the characteristics of the display integrated graphics, to achieve smoother display effect, this is also the conference can expect new products. Without Mac mini and Pro updates, perhaps Apple hopes to streamline the desktop computer product line and identify more resources in the mobile market. Mac mini and Pro two.

苹果下周发布会 值得期待的除了MBP还有它苹果将于美国时间10月27日召开新品发布会,主角将是Mac电脑,预计全线产品都会得到更新。下面,就来看看到底都有什么值得期待的新Mac。广而告之:腾讯数码将在下周五凌晨一点为您同步直播此次苹果Mac新品发布会,敬请期待。亮点一:全新设计的MacBook Pro此前,大量泄漏消息显示MacBook Pro将会在今年获得重大更新,事实上从2012年开始,MacBook Pro的模具就从未变化过,显然它会成为此次苹果发布会的主角。今年5月,凯基证券郭明池便透露新款MacBook Pro最大的变化是搭载OLED触摸屏,可以动态显示功能键、应用程序状态等,而最新的谍照实际上也证实了这一点。另外,MacBook Pro还有望采用USB-C和Thunderbolt 3接口,最新报告则声称其之后使用USB-C,甚至不再具有MagSafe电源,就像12英寸MacBook那样。至于配置,新款MacBook Pro有可能采用英特尔最新的酷睿Kaby Lake处理器以及AMD显卡,性能表现符合其一贯的移动办公、适当图形处理的定位。常规更新的MacBook Air似乎,苹果仍不打算大幅更新MacBook Air,尽管它是最畅销、最实惠的苹果笔记本。彭博社认为,MacBook Air将新增USB-C和 Thunderbolt 3接口,但整体设计将延续2010年初代,也就是说不会发生任何变化。视网膜屏幕?抱歉。另外,Macotakara网站称苹果会取消11英寸的MacBook Air,这也很符合逻辑,毕竟12英寸MacBook是苹果主推的产品,13英寸MacBook Air将成为入门级的苹果笔记本。常规更新的iMacMac电脑通常会使用一款模具很多年,所以2012年轻薄化的iMac也不会发生太大变化。常规更新意味着配置升级,另外也有可能加入USB-C接口,屏幕分辨率则提升至4K及5K两种配置。亮点二:5K显示器今年6月,苹果停产了 Thunderbolt显示器,目前该产品线处于空白状态。9to5Mac报道称,苹果计划推出全新的5K显示器来实现替代,其中一个特点是显示器集成显卡,实现更流畅的显示效果,这也是本次发布会可以期待的新产品。没有Mac mini和Pro更新或许苹果希望进一步精简桌面电脑产品线,分出更多资源在移动市场。Mac mini和Pro两款桌面产品在整个Mac产品线中属于小众,前者虽迷你、便宜,但人们似乎更喜欢购买一体机iMac;后者则过于昂贵、定位专业,所以销量也不大。所以逐渐停止两款低销量Mac的更新,也是可以理解的。相关的主题文章: