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The Bank of Ningbo is committed to service Small and micro businesses of Bank of Ningbo Wenzhou branch always adhere to the market orientation of the development of the characteristic, has not forgotten to serve the local economy, service Small and micro businesses and services of urban and rural residents in the beginning of the heart, has always been adhering to the "perfect match" business strategy, always adhere to the "familiar with the market, the market access principle to understand customers" and strive to explore the development path of small and medium-sized banks, characteristic difference, steadily enhance the market competitiveness, has won praise from customers. More than six years since its establishment, the Bank of Ningbo Wenzhou branch will serve Small and micro businesses for their own development mission, continue to increase Small and micro businesses credit, innovative financial products, Small and micro businesses to ease the financing difficulties. Ningbo branch of the Bank of Wenzhou to maintain steady and rapid development of the business at the same time, adhere to the limited credit resources to small and micro enterprises tilt, and to ensure the delivery. In order to Small and micro businesses to provide professional and comprehensive financial services, as early as 2006, the head office of the Bank of Ningbo began to set up a professional financial services team, now has a branch in Wenzhou area with more than 10 small and micro professional team, hundreds of franchise for personnel, carry out small and micro financial services provides ample, professional security personnel. Do not forget the early heart deep inclusive financial means for Small and micro businesses Credit Bank of Ningbo based on Small and micro businesses differentiationandpersonalization financial demand, the original "golden pond" product innovation system based on the launch speed of the loan, the Czech operator card, financial, tax credit lending and other products and services. Among them, the Bank of Ningbo, the speed of the loan business is good credit to small and medium-sized enterprises or business owners issued mortgages with high limit and long term, with the loan "of the three major characteristics of the product, and can achieve the fastest" day three day loan approval ". Its fast approval, loan fast efficient and convenient service, has formed a good reputation in the market. Czech business card to change the traditional small and micro enterprises bank settlement, not only support 7× 24 hours withdrawals, transfers, POS transactions, but also overdraft and financial management. Currently, the Bank of Ningbo has issued a total of 49 thousand cards. In addition, the Ningbo bank lending melting products to high-quality Small and micro businesses before the maturity of the loan, the loan can be continued by the new old, alleviate corporate liquidity pressure. Bank of Ningbo has also taken the lead in cooperation with the tax authorities, the introduction of tax loan products to tax credit for bank credit for small and micro enterprises to provide priority credit credit. In all levels of government and regulatory departments concerned under the guidance of the trust of our customers support, Ningbo bank Wenzhou branch did not forget the early heart, deep to the positioning, inclusive finance, will always support the potential for the development of small and medium-sized enterprise entity as a business development center of Ningbo branch of Bank of Wenzhou, continues to focus on grinding Small and micro businesses and other market segments and continuously improve the ability to serve the local economic and social services, is committed to Small and micro businesses, to build a core competitiveness, modernization of outstanding bank in Wenzhou area.相关的主题文章: