Bashu book 200 million words to create great Sichuan version of kushu – Beijing

"Bashu book" 200 million words to create great Sichuan version of "kushu" – Beijing, this is a huge project: Investigation on the history of Bashu literature theremained situation. The time span from Qin Dynasty to modern times, the scale of more than 2000 kinds of Sichuan documentation catalogue, to more than 500, more than 20 articles in Sichuan literature collation, annotation and commentary on 100 kinds of books, Sichuan literature review reengineering. The whole series, the total processing information of about 460 million words. This is the "Sichuan" project, launched in 2010, is expected to be completed 10 years. Preliminary estimates will be published 200 million words, more than 1000 copies of Ba Shu literature the largest ever, the latest style, the most convenient to use logging and publishing. The time came for sixth years, "Bashu book" has made a comprehensive breakthrough in the union catalogue, boutique collection, rare edition of three series. At present, the project has more than 150 sub topics, the first batch of bidding and project have been completed or nearing completion, the official publication of the 124, the total number of words about 4000 words. Engineering difficult, what is the significance? "Any great cultural renaissance is based on the collection and collation of historical documents." Professor Shu Dagang and professor at the root of "Sichuan million book" wrote in the. At the beginning of the heart at the end of three the project to build the Bashu culture "kushu" proposed compilation "Bashu book" from 2007 to 2010, have been made great projects in Sichuan province and major projects commissioned by the National Social Science Fund, Sichuan University Institute of ancient books of Shu Dagang and his "companions" has been trying to. In 2013, the province’s first compilation of money in place, the overall progress of the codification in an orderly manner. From the point of view of time, the whole project is smooth." In September 20th, sitting in the office of the Sichuan University Institute of ancient Shu, large squint recalls, "the modelthrough, no need to let others know it." "The investigation on the Sichuan literature is ancient Sichuan school’s dream." The ancient people left school Bashu culture rich and colorful literature books. According to incomplete statistics, more than ten thousand kinds of Bashu ancient literature, the existing types of more than 5000. In the eyes of scholars such as Shu Dagang Ancient Chinese Literature Search, these books covers a wide range, is the carrier of Bashu culture, is an important resource of Chinese civilization inheritance. "Strengthen the cultural achievements of the collection and sorting, is necessary to preserve the achievements of civilization, historical and cultural heritage, but also realize the need to build modern civilization, make the past serve the present." Shu Qiang told reporters that in other provinces, similar to the "Yunnan series", "Qiannan series", "Hubei series". "In the history of Bashu culture, there are many people on the Sichuan literature made painstaking efforts and enthusiasm. Now, we hope to be able to further develop on the basis of others and create a perfect, Bashu culture "kushu"." In Sichuan and Chongqing scholars to readily shared academic research on the existing academic achievement may be alone, but not lonely. The literati mind, today is still just about let Shu sincere take place, "Quan Shuqian is seen in his BA相关的主题文章: