Beat the circle of friends 99% eggs practice, you only need 7 minutes! – Sohu to eat and drink

Beat the circle of friends 99% eggs practice, you only need 7 minutes! Eat boiled eggs are egg – Sohu many eat the best, protein digestion rate as high as 99.7% almost all the nutrients absorbed by the body, but also eat egg boiled egg is in the worst taste, especially an egg yolk and dry, it can eat half an hour today improved chowhound girl practices colleagues in three minutes to eat 2. Up posture boiled eggs, water temperature and temperature is very difficult to master. Boil for 5 minutes, cooked and tender egg white, egg yolk just cooked, slightly loose. Cook for 7 minutes, egg white cooked and tender, egg yolk cooked and not hard. Preparation of 2 egg (refrigerated) 20ml 20ml wine 60ml soy sauce water specific steps of cooking wine and water, soy sauce, pour into the food bag. Open the pot in the fire, water, water is the 34 pot like, after boiling into egg. Immediately change the small fire, accurate cooking 7 minutes. After 7 minutes remove the egg, soak in ice, cool for 3 minutes, then gently peel the egg shell. Put the egg in the sauce food sealing bag, placed in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, soak overnight taste better. Take eggs, cut half, put on the plate. Hand in hand, watching the video cut egg, internal soft micro drip, outer brackish, placed in Rice with Stewed Pork or pork rice is the best collocation. The workshop, Namiko Chen video delicacy.相关的主题文章: