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UnCategorized In today’s world graphic designers play a very important part in the business world. Why? If you pay close attention, all over the place you will notice charts, diagram, billboards, and all types of different images .peting for the public’s attention, trying to influence and convince us. The reason why graphic designer try so hard to persuade us is because they are hired by major corporations, retail stores and publishing firms to advertise there products or ideas in the hope of convincing individuals to buy what is being advertise. However, being a graphic designer goes far beyond the ability to draw, therefore, let’s take a look at the training you can to do be.e a graphic designer before even entering college. Novice training on a Graphic Designer 1.Drawing play is a very important part; therefore take drawing courses while you are still in high school. 2.Although drawing is important, you also need to have a good grasp on .puters. Therefore, by joining .puter lessons you will be able to learn .puter software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, InDesing and many more .puter program that will make things easier ones you get to college. 3.Purchase books on graphic design and rigorously practice on improving your drawing and .puter skills. 4.Keep a close eye on the different designs on television, newspapers, and on the streets. Try to learn from them and try using your own colors, designees, and shapes. 5.Research fonts and design styles that are popular and on demand. 6.Use the internet as a tool and take some online graphic design tutoring. 7.Once you are out of high school try to get a degree in fine arts, advertising, or .puter graphics. 8.Work on a portfolio and once you enter college, try joining an internship program to further polish your skills. In order for you to be.e a successful designer you need to learn valuable traits, knowledge, self-discipline, be able to work independently and with a group. You also need to work hard and have a creative mind, learn how to manage your time, and if you think you are different from the rest, when it .es to graphic design, different can be better. If you want .panies and people to recognize your abilities, the sooner you start polishing your abilities the better. If you are serious and passionate about a graphic designer, now that you have read this beginners training guide on a designer you can start working, while you are still on high school. After all, a novice graphic designer earns approximately $35,000, while an experience graphic designer earns approximately $62,000 annually, sometimes more!! Start training now, and be.e a graphic designer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: