Beijing 114 Road branch of the year to start building is expected to ease traffic congestion –

Beijing 114 Road branch of the year to start building is expected to ease traffic congestion – Beijing, the original title: 114 branch roads open during the construction of the first half of this year, the airport expressway to the North River Bridge, north Gao Jinghagaosu Douge exports, Shuangjing bridge area traffic congestion by a "hard" unlock. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned that, during the year the city to ease traffic congestion is still a lot of big moves, for example, the 114 road construction is included in the year started planning; 3rd Ring Rd and high-speed Beijing Tibet will continue to delimit bus lanes; each city will have at least two normal congestion areas by governance, turned slowly blocking the demonstration area; 334 rail transit station public transit status will be combing. In addition, it is noteworthy that the city has set up a special inspection team slow blocking, slow blocking will not be held accountable. Key words: Parking waste boiler room turned the parking floor hand to promote the construction of roads, open up the broken road, increase parking control efforts on the other hand, reduce the road by parking and stuck ". The old residential parking is difficult in the past two years, the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, with autonomous parking policy, the old district by more and more autonomy, not only solve the surrounding residents don’t have a parking problem, "to go on the block" problem has been solved. Zhou Zhengyu said for example, North Taiping Street area through the planning of parking spaces, parking peak and take illegal means will be parking spaces from the original 60 to 180. "However, due to this district has 440 parking requirements, the remaining 260 vehicles still no parking spaces can be stopped. Therefore, by means of "coal to gas" opportunity, boiler room area waste turned into mechanical parking, parking is difficult to smoothly done or easily solved. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that not only is the District, the future of other old residential boiler room or will only allow for parking, turned parking, parking lot. In addition, the city’s 130 parking order demonstration street to implement the real name contract". The city public security departments in a no parking signs, marking the illegal parking no parking area, all in accordance with the violation of no parking signs, marking strictly score was fined 200 yuan, recorded 3 points. It is understood that the first half of the year, the city’s total qingtuo 8000 car parking, penalty more than and 20 per cent increase over last year. Key words: sparse block each of the six districts at least two slow block demonstration area in addition to the old district regional autonomy, Zhou Zhengyu said, the city will implement regional traffic congestion management, each city will select at least two normal congestion area as the slow block demonstration area, by increasing public bike running, open bus, dredge microcirculation slow system improve the bus bay, and the governance of the district hospitals, schools, district surrounding parking problems, the regional traffic system link up well. Zhou Zhengyu said that the six areas of the city will implement the territorial responsibility, build the district to ease traffic congestion in working group to promote and develop the 2016 regional slow blocking scheme. Xicheng District is Fu Street Municipal roads and ancillary facilities for the construction. Dongcheng District – Nanluogu Lane, Dianmen East Street has been through the isolation barrier, heightening encryption and a Rui electronic eye相关的主题文章: