Beijing 61 Department of the audit department announced the results of the four rent when funds

Beijing 61 Department of the audit department announced the results of the four rent funds when the original title: 61 municipal departments, the audit results announcement, the Audit Bureau yesterday released on the city’s 61 municipal departments in 2015 budget implementation and other financial audit results, the Audit Department of the number increased by 50% over last year. Audit shows that in 2015 the city’s overall implementation of the municipal budget better. However, there are still some problems in budget management, budget implementation, and the performance of funds. The audit found that many departments of government procurement does not meet the norms; advance payment items, etc.. For the problems found in the audit, the relevant departments are actively rectification. Multi sectoral government procurement irregularities audit found that many departments do not meet the requirements of government procurement specification. For example, the city silhouette office matters relating to the purchases of government procurement rules above the standard service, not to fulfill government procurement procedures, involving an amount of 18 million 520 thousand yuan. Urban management belongs to the science and Technology Information Center is part of the procurement of government procurement within the scope of the purchase of equipment items, did not fulfill the government procurement procedures, involving 188 thousand yuan of funds. Municipal Grain Bureau belongs to the management of the school within the scope of the procurement of government procurement of equipment in the purchase of the items, not in the purchase of government procurement unit, involving 266 thousand and 600 yuan of funds. In addition, a number of units did not prepare government procurement budget. For example, the Local Taxation Bureau of the equipment purchase costs and other expenses matters without the government procurement budget preparation, involving 49 million 982 thousand yuan of funds, of which, 47 million 493 thousand and 400 yuan purchase of equipment spending in the budget execution performance of government procurement procedures. Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the 2 units belonging to the purchase cost of equipment, training and other matters of the meeting, did not prepare the government procurement budget, involving funds of $46 million 422 thousand and 100. The City Meteorological Bureau of city silhouette office part of the procurement matters without the government procurement budget preparation, involving 25 million 525 thousand yuan of funds. Four Department rent income for the budget audit found that the majority of departments are less than the income budget. For example, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and other non business income less for financial subsidy income budget 80 million 511 thousand and 900 yuan; Municipal Bureau of culture and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, activity center 2 units less for other income and other non financial subsidy income budget 13 million 396 thousand yuan. In non tax revenue collection link, the 4 departments will obtain housing rental income and spend 15 million 589 thousand and 500 yuan, used to supplement the basic expenses, office expenses etc.. For example, the Municipal Tourism Commission made the rent income and non tax revenue 3 million 719 thousand and 600 yuan according to the provisions of the Treasury, and all isstrictly used to supplement the independent institutions personnel funds, public funds etc.. City Grain Bureau and the school owned by the city’s financial approval of foreign rental housing. Two departments going abroad over 1 million 520 thousand audit found that "the problems of management three funds. For example, the 2 departments going abroad (border) expenditure budget number 1 million 527 thousand and 600 yuan. Among them, the Municipal Tourism Commission going abroad (border) funds over budget 1 million 444 thousand and 900 yuan. The main reason is that the original City Tourism Bureau changed to the Municipal Tourism Commission after the Department functions and responsibilities occurred 2相关的主题文章: