Beijing Armed Police Corps detachment of three to investigate and promote governance disease service-misao

Beijing Armed Police Corps detachment of three to investigate and promote governance "disease" service pipe – Military – in Beijing in October 14, "29 field Chaqin authorities this week, the network 96 times, found the problem 12, 9 have been resolved……" This is the three armed police detachment of Beijing Corps recently adhere to the scientific guidance, in order to investigate the promotion of management, multi action management duty common disease, multiple disease, a microcosm. The detachment charged capital airport guard duty, shuttle passengers each year nearly 100 million people, as the weather turns cold, cold day the airport is particularly evident, the rise tendency on duty. "The only organ sink check up on Bangdai, to ban on the unknown, hidden as not adorable." The detachment Party committee, a class of people to recognize. They further positive sentinel line, visited the airport branch, in-depth investigation of the weak links in the service, study and formulate the "rules for the implementation of inspection organs duty", clear requirements on the monthly organ business duty target coverage check understanding, view registration, video and other forms of return drill through discussion, hidden deep investigation into the problem on the spot, to exchange views with large squadron cadres, the general problem solving research field, analysis of common problem, pull out the problem rectification bill, the two sides to fill the "service problem rectification of responsibility", to ensure that there are people who claim the problem, measures are in place. They use the hand class service, Inspection Detachment evaluation problem rectification, the head office will be the collective consultation "common disease", regularly invited airport security departments and front-line duty officers to attend, in the information online bulletin of the bill, the experience to promote the practice, to ensure clearance end, timely elimination of hidden dangers. They also opened a service hotline and online mailbox, to encourage everyone to "complain", with "golden ideas" by the head of the detachment responsible for training chief duty, and the duty of staff online to answer, do not solve the problem size, service level regardless of distance, forming a "center to focus, to ask clear orientation safety effect". Take off your shoes under field touch the truth, really solve problems. Recently, the detachment has sent 25 inspection teams, in-depth investigation of the line of duty on the issue of hidden dangers of the 56, to help guide the large squadron of 16, to further improve the safety factor on duty. Especially in August 9th, in close coordination with duty officers and airport branch and fire departments, the successful completion of the task, was highly praised by the military leadership. (Wang Shuangzhan, Yang Fan) (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: