Beijing commercial housing stalls on the event of four strict control policies are being introduced exit safe mode

Beijing commercial housing stalls big four strict control policies being introduced [Abstract] recently it came to Beijing in September to restart the commercial rectification: intends to suspend two certificate issued "message, commercial products once again become buyers talk about May Tongzhou commercial after the purchase, Mentougou commercial products in a short time to suspend the sign, then the industry began to spread the" Beijing commercial will be the purchase of "rumors, although the Construction Committee has indicated that the purchase of the message is a rumor, but in that time, commercial products turnover increased significantly, followed by a small increase in prices. Over time, the impact of commercial housing comprehensive purchase "also with the return of property buyers rational gradually dissipated, but recently it came to Beijing in September to" restart commercial rectification: intends to suspend two certificate issued "message, commercial products once again become the talk of the buyers. It is understood that the proposal submitted by the specific contents include: commercial real estate license, suspend issuing new pre-sale permit; re inspection and planning has not started construction of commercial and residential projects; to suspend the sale of commercial and residential projects not started; do not provide new commercial and residential land. According to the reporter investigation, Mentougou commercial projects have been launched "house", the model of interior were dismantled, thus, this regulation is not new regulation is to be Weakness lends wings to rumours., commercial introduction. Once the regulatory policies, means that the market can buy large quantities of commercial products will be reduced, but in the Beijing residential property market trend is obvious and the prices in the suburbs collective broken 40 thousand situation, the supply of commercial products greatly reduced, on behalf of commercial products in the most low price, easy to start loft products will reduce the volume, which will directly affect the interests of buyers just need, today Xiaobian for everyone Amway several low price and high price of commercial and residential projects, the first to buy a good dish! Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (property information) is Beijing urban construction real estate after another masterpiece in the central axis of Beijing’s bird’s nest, the National Grand Theater after. The project is located in the capital of the second airport new City Center District, the new media industry base in the core area, body shape skillfully international architectural style and Chinese traditional moral culture combine together with passion collision of Chinese and Western culture, to create a new landmark building next door. Project main 45-80 square hardcover loft, total 1 million sets, a discount of 2 points, thaihot Central Plaza (real estate information) is the CAC group to create works for the local, to the era of dedication boutique concept, to create high-end real estate projects. Relying on the project policy in Beijing, the second wing door business district good, leveraging the Nancheng rise plan to build outside the park private garden city dwelling shopping, show the "Subway + park" double standard of value. Project main 45-108 square hardcover penthouse sanju. All · MIMO mansion (real estate information) project is located in Daxing Panggezhuang town Pang Ge Zhuang qiaoxinanjiao, the main push 50-100 square hardcover apartment, total 860 thousand sets. The project cost to build the Daxing area first own external landscape garden – Summit Park, ornamental garden, family garden, rose garden, the three major themes of partition provides a resting place beautiful natural environment for the surrounding residents, the Longhu times Street (owners of real estate information theory.相关的主题文章: