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Beijing moon cake sampling pass rate of 98.6%3 companies recall Beijing – moon cake Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, reporters yesterday from the Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau was informed that this year the city festival food safety situation is generally good, the food safety inspection of the mid autumn moon cake pass rate of 98.6%. Full coverage of the city food and drug administration before the moon cake enterprises to check the relevant person in charge, since the beginning of August, the city’s food and drug regulatory authorities launched a comprehensive inspection on the moon cake production and self catering units of moon cake circulation enterprises, examined a total of more than 1500 large shopping malls, supermarkets and chain stores, more than 100 catering units and the production the moon cake of all 104 companies. In the production of enterprises, focus on examination of the procurement verification system, production process control system, the implementation of food factory inspection system; in the field of circulation, focus on checking whether the supply channels, quality audit, inspection records, food packaging and labelling requirements; in the homemade moon cake catering units, focus on examination of making business qualification, raw materials purchasing, accounting the health of personnel management and processing facilities equipment meet food safety requirements. Found in the inspection of the cable card tickets, purchase inspection system does not implement the enterprise has been ordered rectification or filing investigation. The food and Drug Administration conducted testing on 138 cakes samples, sample covering 17 production enterprises and hundreds of supermarkets, food market. According to the relevant provisions of national food safety standards, for heavy metals, pigments, preservatives, bacteria, pathogenic bacteria and other indicators were detected, including lead, aluminum residue, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate, Acesulfame-K, lemon yellow, amaranth, carmine, sunset red, temptation yellow, blue, dehydroacetic acid, coliform bacteria, fungi, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, detection qualified rate is 98.6%. As of press time reporter, there are 2 batches of substandard product testing, unqualified items exceeded the preservative. Municipal Food and drug administration official said, will be given in accordance with the law of illegal production of moon cake confiscated illegal income, fines and other administrative penalties. A total of three companies to recall the issue of moon cake reporters click on the Municipal Food and drug administration official website food recall column, see from August 30th to September 5th period, a total of 3 companies issued a voluntary recall notice. The three companies are: August 30, 2016, Beijing’s Gongyifu food company recall double date all exist in the supermarket moon cake gift boxes in the inventory products within the scope of Beijing City, and consumers have to buy moon cake gift boxes are double date products in question. Daxing District food and drug administration has filed an investigation. September 5, 2016, located in the Miyun District, Beijing Jing Ming Food Co., Ltd. in the context of the recall of Beijing chestnut moon cake, product production date is August 8, 2016, the specification is 80g. Recall the original because the authorities found that "benzoic acid project failed in testing". September 5, 2016, is located in Fangshan District, Beijing Rong Rong Food Co., Ltd. in Beijing city within the scope of the recall boutique red moon cake, the production date is August 12, 2016, the specification is 5相关的主题文章: