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Officials in Beijing Shanxi 15 months after the rise of what he did for the original title: Beijing officials into Shanxi 15 months after the rise of encounter "collapse mode corruption", more than the Provincial Committee sacked Shanxi, has completed a new round of provincial Party committee recently. November 5th, the Eleventh Plenary Session of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee of the first plenary meeting held in, the plenary session of the election of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Taiyuan. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the new session of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee of Shanxi team a total of 12 people, including a new Shanxi Datong is the member of the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Jifu. Zhang Jifu had long worked in Beijing, has served as the Beijing City Investment Promotion Bureau, Beijing City, Pinggu District, district secretary. Shanxi deep collapse of corruption, the provincial cadres have been vacant more than and 300. Last year the number of officials transferred off-site, Shanxi as the city and county leaders, Zhang Jifu is one of them. In August last year, Zhang Jifu left Beijing into Jin, served as secretary of Datong city. 15 months later, in the current round of the Shanxi provincial Party committee was promoted to the Provincial Standing Committee, vice ministerial officials. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) found out, since 2001 15 years, the Shanxi provincial Party committee the previous general election, promoted by Datong party secretary post for the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Zhang Jifu is the first. Datong party secretary vacancy after 10 months was "government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that Zhang Jifu last August served as party secretary of Datong, Datong party secretary post has been vacant for more than 10 months. Corruption in Shanxi collapse in Datong coal is also the hardest hit. May 2014, Jin Ruilin, vice mayor of Datong sacked. 5 months later, when he was Secretary of the Datong Municipal Party committee Feng Lixiang investigation. After 45 days, when he was Secretary of the Datong Yanggao County Traffic Bureau Xu Dong, Zuoyun county Party Secretary Xu Shanghong, the county Party Secretary Jie Xianwen and several other office or served in Datong officials under investigation. Jin official harder and harder, the corruption hardest hit when the leaders, the Jin Guan is more difficult. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) found in Datong Municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Jifu announced as the city’s leading cadres at the meeting, Zhang Jifu’s speech, said the organization main content to talk to him: to purify the political environment for the implementation of the goals of the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities; to highlight the theme of development, adheres to the strict management of the officials; do a good job of cadre construction. In his speech, he also revealed that, prior to departure, the Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Guo Jinlong to talk, talked about the Beijing Datong special for delivering coal or electricity, water supply, Beijing every six lights in there is a light that is Datong people lit. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that, at that time, Zhang Jifu also made the "four with" commitment: with the party and the people, the concentric, with the same law, director of Tongli, which coincided with the "four with" Datong name. The large area for at least two interviews to four with the promise of Zhang Jifu, rectify the official 2相关的主题文章: