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Beijing to help public tree ready to make children have a small team shot Zhang Songtao guide new season is approaching, Beijing Shougang Basketball did not stop the pace of public welfare activities. Coach Min Lulei led the team yesterday, the two teams into the kindergarten, school and community, for the fans and children to bring happiness. Coax the child "tree" has a set of "children do not recognize these two uncle ah?" "No — think — know –" Wang Xiaohui and Zhang Songtao walked into the ancient city of Shougang kindergarten, the children were upright to a blow". Wang Xiaohui, who has a baby face, said: "it just means I’m old."." But I heard the two uncle where the Beijing men’s basketball team won the championship of the three, is the pride of Beijing, the middle of the children immediately sounded enthusiastic applause. Two players usually contact with the kindergarten kids the opportunity not to be many, but show enough patience, take the kids to dribble, taught them to throw the ball into the basket. In contrast, married Zhang Songtao know how to coax children. Two little friends face to face with the basketball, he has been bent to protect, and guide them to put the ball into the basket, finally give praise. Two players to the child with the signature of the trumpet basketball, leaving the former one to pick up a picture of the children, and the children are reluctant to give up. Look forward to more opportunities to do public service "tree" admitted that their love with children can relax, play with them, "Dad said with a smile when ready". This detail triggered the reporter’s nosy antenna, we have asked about. However, the tree only revealed that fast, in the face of other questions on the need to retain private space. Participated in the two team of public events, Zhang Songtao said very meaningful: I hope to have more opportunities to participate in such activities, to be able to close contact with the fans, so that they know more about us." Then the soldiers walked into the Golden Apple kindergarten, and came to the community with octagonal uncle aunt who play play table tennis. After arriving in Shijingshan experimental primary school, Ji and Zhai Xiaochuan also took the students to a friendly competition. The players in the primary school students have high popularity, surrounded by seeking to sign a photo. Min Shuai said, hope to have such activities, for the inheritance and contribution to a force of basketball culture.相关的主题文章: